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It’s been a long time coming, but we’re truly excited to finally launch the first ever official Web site and blog in the history of Law Offices of Donna Santo – all in the same month. We would have had a ridiculously raucous party to celebrate this momentous occasion, but we really aren’t the ridiculously raucous partying types. We’re probably more like accountants. So instead of rollicking and spending our paychecks on gaudy party favors and new Hawaiian shirts, we found ourselves sticking to the grindstone at hand, doing what we do best: helping you help your family.

One of the main threads in our philosophy of practicing family law – and one that I believe separates our practice from the rest – revolves around the aspect of “wholeness”. In the same way that a “holistic” approach is required to build and maintain optimum health and a balanced personal life, we believe it to also be essential in bringing strong health and stability to the family law arena.

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