A happy and healthy family life is something to treasure.  Most of us grow up in such dysfunctional situations, that we never realize that there are other ways to live.  True bliss, 24/7, is possible for all of us.  Of course when I was growing up, I didn’t realize that.  Life was filled with strife.  It seemed to be constant.  We saw it everyday in the news we watched and papers we read.  It was rampant in the struggles we had getting through school.  The unfriendly students we faced on a daily basis, who, at the time, just seemed to be such a natural part of our existence, were conditioned to be the way they were.  It didn’t have to be that way for them, or for us.

Joy is something that is possible to achieve at a very young age, and it can become an integral part of all of our lives.  But we’re not all conditioned to experience this.  It is usually just the opposite.  Our conditioning, from such social institutions as school, church, government, and parents, is usually just the opposite.  It is designed to point us toward our most basic primal instinct of fear, which we tend to live on and through our entire lives.  We are conditioned to focus on the negativity that surrounds us, rather than the infinite perfection that is our birthright.

We can learn to recondition ourselves to experience all the beauty we were put on this planet to experience.  By doing so, we turn ourselves into joyful, loving beings.  This allows us to be what it is that we want to see in the world that surrounds us.  This allows us to be the examples of love and benefaction that we would wish our children to be.  We cannot expect to be one thing, while we demand something entirely different from our children.  We must lead by example, not by words.  This sort of consciousness is then handed down to our children, who, hopefully, will gain upon it during their lifetimes, and then genetically pass down to their children much happier, and more mentally and emotionally balanced genetics.  The grandchildren of our future family; the leaders of our future generations.

The next couple months, we will be exploring the different aspects of higher Golden Laws that we can utilize in the family environment, to enable us to communicate better, love greater, and achieve the infinite abundance we were destined to experience.  This is our birthright.  And, this is possible right now, at all times.  Bliss is only a moment away.