One of the greatest lessons any family member can learn is that our consciousness creates the reality around us.  There are many, of course, who won’t understand this.  Many people like to blame others for their problems.  If someone has a bad day, it’s always the boss’s fault, or mom’s bad attitude, or the government interfering with what it is that we want to do.  We put our reservoir of happiness in someone else’s pocket.  But, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Through our consciousness, our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, desires, and memories, comes the tunnel of reality through which we tread.  If we’re always angry and/or resentful, and we deal with life’s situations in an angry, resentful way, we will bring the energies of anger and resentment into our lives on a daily basis.  If we’re rude to others, and don’t show them the respect they deserve, then these become the energies we learn to live with.

It’s the same with family.  If I’m always angry at my children, and all I show toward them is anger toward their inabilities to meet my expectations, what is it that we believe we will create in those children?  Individuals who display love?  Or children who develop the same type of negative reactionary pattern that has plagued us our entire lives?

Yet, if we put nothing but love into our children.  We act it, we use loving and supportive words, and we vibrate at a frequency of love at all times, our children will resonate at the same frequency.  They will develop their own patterns of love in solving all the issues that spring up in their daily ritual called life.

In bringing change into one’s family life, it is imperative to remember that we get back what we put in.  The energies we send out pick up like vibrating energies, hit the target with those energies, positive or negative, then they pick up more like energies before reentering the reality of our own lives.  So if we think love, act peace, feel joy, and express nothing but respect for everything our children represent, not only will we bring these high-vibrating qualities into our own existence, but we will raise children that can expect to bring these high qualities into their lives as well.  And this becomes the pattern of our family.  One that solves problems with high-loving energies, rather than burying them in egoic negativity and anger.  The choice is truly ours.  Happiness and joy can be a 24/7 reality in every family, if they work at it.