There is no greater relief in life than to surrender to all that is.  It is a way to bring to an end all the personal suffering.  It provides the opportunity to quit fighting whatever it is we’re in denial of.  It gives us the chance to move forward in a positive light, rather than dwelling on the negativity that can plague and hamper us.  And there is no greater arena than family when it comes to applying this golden law of acceptance.

In essence, yes, we’re talking about raising the white flag to whatever troubles us or our family peace.  If it’s the wife who seems to go off the deep end every time we leave our underwear in the wrong place, then so be it.  Or if it’s a child’s inability to sit down and do the work that we require them to do, we must learn to accept that too.  Surrendering means that we take whatever falls our way, and we accept it, without judgment or limitation.

We stop fighting whatever it is our ego has dug into and readied for battle.  This allows us to then eliminate all the negative energies we spend in trying to correct a situation that is beyond our ability to control.  For parents, surrender allows us to begin again in communicating with our children in an effort to resolve our differences.  We do so without butting the heads of our egoic minds.  When we operate from the ego, it’s usually out of a place of unhappiness or dissatisfaction.  We’ve made a judgment that a situation or condition is untenable, and we battle it, according to our built-in emotional and mental reaction patterns.

We’ve all experienced this.  Where a little disagreement will set us off in an emotional frenzy.  Where our pent up angers are used to fix a situation, yet, they instead generate more turmoil than the original problem had.  The key with surrendering is that it allows us to keep our highest energies in reserve for problem solving times.  Most of us fight our problems with ill will and reserved anger, which only creates more problems, and more negative energy to deal with.

Children also need to learn to accept the fact that parents might be aggressive, loudmouthed, or perpetual drunks.  They can’t fight it head-to-head with their own negative emotions, because things then begin to spiral out of control in a very negative manner.  Feelings or bodies get hurt.  The family structure begins to crumble.  And violence and anger and negative reaction patterns are used to deal with all issues, creating more problems for all concerned. Like their parents, kids too need to learn to allow for the fact that a parent may be way off base, and then learn to use their best energies in trying to solve the problem.  They need to surrender to what is, and apply only the highest vibrating qualities when they attempt to resolve whatever ails them.