There is a universal law that says whatever we put into a cause will result in an effect therefrom.  Yet, the reality is that seldom do we really spend the time necessary to make sure we put the right ingredients into our cause.  The reason is that we focus so much on the effect, we seldom even consider what we are assembling with our causes.

For instance, many of us go through life determining that we want to meet that perfect mate (the effect), yet we create a bad pathway by putting the wrong energies into the cause.  Or we might say we want to have a certain kind of job or profession, or, for kids, maybe they want to be the greatest athlete, or the richest person in the world.  The problem is, all their energies are applied to the effect of what they want, while they seem to forget that the energies they put in will be the structure they ultimately reap.

So if we are trying to be the one to get the very best grades in school, we may sacrifice much in that process by putting the wrong energies into cause.  We might insult others, or hurt them, or step on them on our path to the top.  This happens in the adult job world as well.  We see it regularly with big business, where one company, or their greedy CEO, does whatever it takes to be number one, even if it means destroying people’s or employee’s lives, polluting our planet, or squashing other businesses.

What people don’t realize, and what our children need to understand is this.  If we put all the proper energies into the cause, if we fill our cause with joy, love, peace, respect, and appreciation, then we will never have to worry about the effect.  It will always be perfect.  Perfect energy creates a more perfect result.  Our children and spouses need to understand that we cannot make a loved one something they are not.  Kids need to be taught that every moment matters, and every action creates a reaction.  So instead of worrying about what we want to be – in the future – we must concentrate on the now, and what we put into the cause.