One of the most healing components in any family situation is expressing gratitude for what one has, rather than stressing what we don’t.  How many of us spend untold hours and years in our lives dwelling on what we don’t have?  If only I had worked harder with my grades then I would have a better job.  If only I had married my true love, rather than the wretch I sleep next to.  Or, Why did I have a child so young, she ruined my life.  We grow up fretting about the “what if’s” rather than recognizing how lucky we are to have so much.

One of the most spiritually powerful practices we can learn as children, or adults for that matter, is to give thanks for all that is.  Every night, before we go to bed, sit there and give thanks for having so much.  We have toes and fingers we can wiggle.  We have shelter and a comfortable bed to sleep in.  We have love that surrounds us, which is so important, and it’s so important to show the appreciation for everything we have been provided with.  The vibration behind gratitude is very strong, and we bring more reality into our lives of this frequency when we express it, and send this energy into the universe.  In the mornings, give thanks for all that is.  Appreciate the beauty in the songbird’s notes.  Tap into the tenderness of a morning breeze.  Recognize all that we have, and this energy will carry with us all the way through our day.  It is the perfect way to dwell at night, before heading into our healing subconscious and our nightly multi-dimensional dreamwork.