A very important aspect in bringing great physical health to any family or member thereof is the recognition of the body/mind relationship.  It is important for parents to remember that our children can never attain optimal physical health if there are imbalances to their mental and emotional well-beings.  And this process of recognition must begin with us.

In the three dimensional world we live in, early on we begin to identify our physical presences.  As children, we learn to relate our looks and features to others around us.  We begin to identify with what we consider to be a healthy looking person from an unhealthy appearance.  What we tend to ignore, because no one has taught us this, is that we also have a mental body and an emotional body that we must account for.

Mental bodies can become unhealthy when filled with negative thought patterns.  Our lives are filled with ill-begotten mental-emotional reactive patterns that literally fill our beings with negativity.  Have you ever seen anyone who just can’t respond in a positive way to negativity that confronts them?  A mother who takes what her child does personally, and reacts through anger and aggression.  Or a father whose ego gets insulted by a wife or child who might challenge his questionable authority.  Children pick up on these patterns of the egoic mind, and they exploit them at school, with their siblings, or with others they associate with.

They develop ill mental-emotional reactive patterns that retard their development as they reach puberty, and then into adulthood.  These patterns are often passed down from one generation to the next, until the sickly pattern is broken.  For many, this pattern is repeated through generations before being broken.  Others, seemingly, never break this pattern.

So what happens is the negative energies espoused through our mental and emotional imbalances are then accumulated into our physical bodies, which create physical imbalances.  We are literally filling our physical well-beings with negative energies, which negatively affect our physical health.  This helps lead to cancers, headaches, heart problems and other physical ailments.  We can eat right, do our exercises, and take our nutritional supplements, but if we are having negative thoughts that are triggering negative emotions, these negative patterns of energy will bring us down physically.  This can happen to the individual.  And it can happen to entire families, whose physical maladies can be handed down by the generation.