Interesting piece came out yesterday in the Los Angeles Times regarding the never-ending saga of the Boston carpetbaggers turned Major League baseball owners, Frank and Jamie McCourt.  They’re the ones who leveraged the Los Angeles Dodgers away from local ownership and fans – with the help of some big friends in high places – and used all the profits to buy personal houses rather than field a competitive team that fans might care about.

The trial has already taken place, and while we await, with baited-breath, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon’s decision on who does or does not maintain an ownership interest in the Dodgers, a mediator has offered both sides a settlement solution.  Since Frank jumped on the mediator’s proposal, and Jamie did not, it would appear that the mediator’s proposal would have landed Frank the Dodgers, while Jamie got the million dollar homes in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Boston, and wherever.

It was probably a pretty reasonable settlement proposal, offered by a retired judge, but if one were on the losing end of the Dodger ownership issue, as Jamie apparently was, then a check swing would be the only logical solution.  It would seem that in rejecting said proposal, Jamie’s lawyers must have felt that the law and facts were in her favor, and that Judge Gordon will do what they consider the right thing, and order that both Jamie and Frank are owners of the Dodgers.

This could be the biggest blessing for anyone interested in Los Angeles Dodgers’ baseball, because joint ownership would probably require the parties to sell, since neither one could afford to buy the other out, which could mean a new ownership group coming in that really cares about the LA community, and demands a winner be placed on the field.  Please, save us all Judge Gordon.