Christmas is a time of pageantry and cheer, of good feelings, eggnog, and having one’s family near.  It is a time to give and to receive, to love and to share all that is.  It is a time to forget about the past and a chance to live in the present.  It is a time to let bygones be bygones, an opportunity to begin life anew.  It is also the time for the children in all of us to connect through heart and soul.  Christmas, simply stated, is truly about the kids.  It brings up memories of pleasance and pain for many.  But we certainly don’t have to share any of the negativity we may harbor inside with someone close to us.

Our children deserve more.  They deserve our undivided attention, our very best in attitude and intent.  It is a time to teach them how to act by being what it is we want to see in them.  We don’t have to tell our kids how to change or how to act, just show them by becoming that change.  They will see this.  They will witness our kindness, and our selfless giving unto others this Holiday Season.  They will witness the transformation within us, and feel our new vibration.  And they will respond in kind.  We owe it to them.  We owe it to us.  It is our future.

To the kids in all of us out there, and to the children who are learning that life can be filled with joy and bliss 24/7, we at the Law Offices of Donna Santo wish you and your family the very best and safest Holidays ever.  Love and Joy to all, and to all a brilliant, peace-filled flight!