New Years is all about resolutions.  It’s a blip on the map that indicates something is about to change.  It’s more than just the turning of a page on a calendar as many of us latch onto this concept and convince ourselves that, ‘yes,’ this will be the year.  Our minds will determine that maybe we weren’t really that into the transformation that deep down inside we know we’re due for, but now is that time.  Eh, maybe not today, but for sure on New Years.  That’s when I’m going to become that different person.  That’s when I’m going to become the real me.

Here are five sure-fire suggestions for anyone looking for true inner transformation that will not only benefit oneself, but also the entire family to which they belong:

1)      Be the change we want to see in others. Don’t tell us about it, show us.  Become that fabulous person we’re always telling others to be.  Show us how it’s done.  Become the change we so desperately want to witness in the world that surrounds us.  Everyone who opens their eyes to what we’ve become will stand up and take notice.  They will be amazed at who and what we have become.  They will witness the newfound serenity that is the new me, and they’ll want to know how they can become that.

2)      Surrender to all that is.  Forget fighting your present reality and creating negativity in the process.  Accept who you are in life.  And that’s okay.  We are all invaluable to the fabric of all that is.  Then, through loving, high-vibrating energy, change any life situations that require altering.

3)      Remember at all times that it all starts right now.  There’s nothing that can be done with yesterday’s spilled milk.  It’s history.  It’s gone.  And tomorrow may never come.  But today, starting with right now, we can begin the process of curing whatever may ail us.

4)      Love all that is at all times.  Then we get to blaze in the glory of all that love – at all times.

5)      Give all of ourselves at all times to all that is.  Remember the law of the circle dictates that the energy we put out, positive and negative, will reap like energy greatly magnified into our own path.  Be kind to ourselves by being kind to all those that surround us.  We deserve it.

All of us at the Law Offices of Donna Santo wish you and your family a healthy and beautiful transformation this New Years!!!