It is our contention that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily for lovers, but for lovers of family.  The ability to interconnect at the heart level is one of the greatest gifts we have.  That’s why Valentine’s Day is the greatest day to forget about all the stress and the problems that plague our busy minds.  It is a day to remember the basis of who we are.

We are creatures of love.  And it is with this energy, the ultimate vibration, that we can begin, on Valentine’s Day, to not only change our own existence, but to work on tilting the universe into a higher frequency.  We can do this right now.  From within the heart of our family.  Just by putting it out there.  Wearing it on our sleeves, and in the words we share and the Valentines we give.  It is from the heart, like fire and molten lava, with no conditions attached.  Love of thy wife.  Love of thy husband.  Loving our children like never before.  And then, before we know it, we’ve begun to weave into our lives a frequency of higher love – into the collective we call family.  Right here.  Right now.  Forever.  Love can do that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!