It’s hard to believe but it’s already been one year since we launched this Web site.  And so much has changed since then.  It really is amazing when we stop to think about what all has taken place over the past year.  Both externally and internally the transformation has been astounding.  Is there anyone or anything in your life that is exactly the same as it was one year ago?  Highly unlikely.  We’ve watched Mother Earth change dramatically as she regains her form to balance the masculine divine energies.  We’ve seen countries disappear and rise with new determination.  And individuals are experiencing the most dramatic transformative period in the history of man.

Either we’ve worked to harmonize ourselves with the flow of the universe, which has caused dramatic positive transformation within us, or we haven’t harmonized the flow at all, which has resulted in dramatic crisis states in our lives.  Disease, poverty, and unrest are common on all levels and dimensions of existence.  Just look at the news, talk to your neighbors, or feel the intense energy circulating all around you.  This is all part of universal change, whether we want to actively participate in it or not.

But why wouldn’t we?  Why not tap into the flow of the universe and its laws instead of operating against the grain as we have for most of our lives.  We have been conditioned, as our parents were before us, and as our kids have been through us, by social institutions that have transformed the very nature of our true realities.  Government, education, and religion have removed us temporarily from our destined paths.  Most of us really don’t even know who we are.  Our parents certainly didn’t, and what kind of shot do our kids have if we go around so clueless and disoriented.  Either they transform like they’re supposed to, or life will force lesson after lesson upon them to either make that change, or suffer even more while not trying.


True change in life involves the creation of something entirely new.  There’s no use trying to repair our broken lives with the broken energies that broke them in the first place.  We must begin anew.  As inventor, architect, and engineer Buckminster Fuller once said:  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

When it comes to family issues the process is exactly the same.  The dysfunction must be replaced by a new pattern created through love.  This pattern can come in the form of an energy field that we breathe into existence, and that expands to encompass every member of our family; a new family model, so to speak, made from scratch.  It would be the same for any type of pre existing system that isn’t working in our lives, like a bad job, where we might find ourselves in an intolerable situation, governed and surrounded by negative people who tend to generate lots of drama.  Instead of staying and fighting through the daily peaks and valleys of a no-win situation at home, why not begin to focus on the creation of an entirely new model of family life.

The key is to act now, working with our most powerful moment.  The future may never come.  The past is all rear-view mirrors.  But right now, we can put our best energy, our greatest love, into creating a new paradigm, for ourselves and our family to live in.  But we need to first put the old pattern away, forever.  We need to have the discipline to work through the negative mental and emotional patterns that contributed to our family’s dysfunction in the first place.  We need to eliminate the negativity from our own, personal patterns.  By doing this, and applying divine inspiration versus inspiration of the egoic mind, we then become the change we want to see in the world around us.  Our children will become that change.  And the love we centered our new paradigm with will begin to expand and expand until it reaches a critical mass – and we operate as an entirely new family in a new kind of high-vibrating energy that will help to lift up the whole world with us.

All we have to do is refocus our consciousness, now.  Utilize our thoughts and emotions, our words and our actions, to create what it is that we want.  Love.  Heart-felt communication and admiration.  Respect for all things.  A new reality of Oneness at home.