It’s true, Charlie Sheen has scared a few people.  He’s said some off-the-wall things that have had heads scratching and minds numbing.  Many have claimed he’s a threat not only to others – but to himself.  And with all his antics, and all the craziness surrounding his highly publicized business battle, does this really mean he’s incapable of taking care of his young children.  Apparently not.

According to a piece in the Los Angeles Times Charlie Sheen, and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, have reached an agreement to settle their custody dispute involving their twin sons.  Mueller had filed a temporary restraining order blocking the actor’s custody rights to his two-year-old sons, Max and Bob.

In her filing, Mueller had raised concerns that Sheen had become mentally unstable and that she was in fear for her and her boys’ lives.  Additionally, she alleged Sheen had violated their prior custody arrangement by taking the kids without her permission and withholding them from their mother.

When mom tried to get the twins back, Sheen allegedly threatened her.  “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom,” she said he said.  On another occasion, Sheen also allegedly punched Mueller in the arm, spat on her feet, and threatened to “stab my eye with a penknife.”

Within hours of Mueller filing her restraining order against Sheen, police were on the actor’s doorstep to return the kids to mom.  “I am very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane,” Mueller alleged in her pleadings.  “I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children’s safety while in his care.

But things are calmer now.  Charlie may be temporarily out of work, but he can see his twins.  And there seems to be no rationality behind any more potential threats toward his ex, or his penknife.