According to the Los Angeles Times Charlie Sheen is at it again in court, double dipping his pleasure, and we’re not talking about his two goddesses either.  According to the article, last week the “Two and a Half Men” star not only had a fleet of lawyers in one Los Angeles court fighting Warner Brothers, he had his family law team fighting in another court for custody of his twin sons, Max and Bob.

Meanwhile, as his ex-wife Brooke Mueller allegedly continues her treatment for drug addiction (like buying crack from street dealers), her parents have stepped in to care for the twins.  Such is the life of the Hollywood celebrity.  Of course, the real concern is the welfare of the twin two-year-olds.  Who is giving them the love and treatment they so desperately deserve?  Can Brooke Mueller’s parents keep them in a healthy environment through these processes while the children’s mother tries to reclaim her strength, stability, and sobriety?

And of course to counter this, the TV star continues The “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not and Option” tour, and wants to take the kids with him.  The judge nixed that idea, and Max and Bob get to spend extra time with grandma and grandpa.  This appears to be the more balanced approach for the kids’ well-being.  They’re too young for Dad’s racy road trip, and, besides, Charlie’s a busy man.  He probably wouldn’t have the time to care for the kids with the goddesses, the tour, and all else he’s got going on.

Kudos for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg for making the right call in this case, as he too seeks the right path to serve the “best interest of the children.”  Hopefully, his parents will handle their responsibilities as well by getting themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally balanced so they can pass their positive genetics on to their vulnerable little children.