A very interesting piece in the Huffington Post tells us that the daughter of Tiger Mom Amy Chua has been accepted to Yale and Harvard.  So much for the theory that being a tough mom can sink your children’s futures.

Yale law professor Amy Chua, you may remember, sparked quite the uproar earlier this year with the release of her memoir reciting her tough Chinese-style parenting methods.  Chua, as reported here, was criticized severely throughout the national media for her memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” which described her strict style of parenting.  Many responding parents felt Chua, the daughter of Filipino immigrants of Chinese descent, exercised extreme parental methods with her two daughters, which included no sleepovers, no play dates, no TV, no computer games, no grades under A, grueling academics, and hours of piano and violin practice.  They claimed it was more destructive than beneficial for a child’s development.

Yet, the daughter appears to have prospered greatly under such circumstances, with little visible downside.  It seems that, in this case, strict, yet loving support, with plenty of guidance and an environment centered around family development, intelligence, and discipline proved to be the right course for success for this family.  But not all families are the same.