Did you see the CBS news piece where Los Angeles Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt has asked the family law court to continue ordering her soon-to-be-ex-husband to pay more than $600,000 per month in spousal support – in spite of the fact the Dodgers recently filed for bankruptcy.  Hmm, we ask.  And where might Frank McCourt continue to come up with this not-so-modest sum of cash?

Well, in her opposition papers filed last week in their divorce case, Jamie said that should be no problem.  Frank has access to more than “$70 million in income and assets” that should be able to help him satisfy such a large support order.  Of course poor Frank, in his moving papers, didn’t agree.  He felt his payments should be more in line with the paltry $5 million he receives annually.  And we, the fans and distant observers, can only sigh and blink our eyes at the unreality these two face; the problems we wish we had to deal with.

Stay tuned.  Their hearing is set for August 10th.