One more example of the benefits of Collaborative Law appears in the recent settlement of actor Mel Gibson and his ex girlfriend, Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva.  It’s the one you probably haven’t heard about due to the fact the case has been handled in a most confidential manner, which is what Collaborative Law is all about.

The facts of the settlement aren’t really the interesting part here – Gibson to pay $750,000 to Grigorieva and to continue providing housing and financial support for their young daughter – but the sheer silence that has shrouded their legal proceedings in gossip-rampant Hollywood.  There was no exchanging of barbs through the media or press, and they didn’t exchange every gross detail through court-related pleadings.  They decided to resolve their legal differences the old fashioned way, in confidence.

In 2010, you might remember, Grigorieva had accused Gibson of striking her during a fight, and he had accused her of attempting to extort him.  But that all slipped under the bed sheet of confidentiality.  Now, according to Gibson’s attorneys, they are putting the final touches on his divorce from his wife of 28 years, and seemingly, the parties will then be able to move forward without sharing every gory detail with the public at large.

Which is exactly what Collaborative Law can do for you.