If you’re a Los Angeles Dodgers fan and you were hoping for a quick fix to your fantasy woes, sorry, but no such luck.  The Los Angeles Times has reported that Frank and Jamie McCourt won’t be settling their divorce case any time soon.

In fact, it is expected that the bigger question of who actually owns the Dodgers will be decided by fire and trial during the 2012 baseball season.  So there probably won’t be any pitching upgrades or big expensive bats added to the lineup before then.

The McCourts’ trial is expected to last for more than a month.  Of course the ultimate resolution of the baseball ownership shenanigans won’t be decided before they resolve the issues that rest before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  “Until it gets out of bankruptcy,” Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon said, “the baseball team cannot be sold by this court.”

The 2012 trial is expected to resolve all remaining issues between the couple, which includes team ownership, permanent support, and division of assets.  The trial will probably be the most expensive, if not complex, part of this litigation.  Attorneys’ fees in the case are expected to approach the $35 million mark.

However, Frank did score a major victory in court last Wednesday when both sides agreed he would only have to pay a paltry $225,000 per month in temporary spousal support to Jamie, replacing the $412,000 per month he had been paying.  Poor Jamie.  What’s a woman to do?  Certainly not go out and hire a big bat that might make the team more competitive on the field.  That would be too easy.