There’s a state of total calmness that can be achieved when all the suffering ceases to exist.  It’s a kind of altered existence that can be realized when we put the mind at ease, when we realize that the bombs and fires and nightmares that the mind creates without, that surround us, that we create out there, in our midst, no longer intercede within.  It can happen now, yesterday, tomorrow, forever.  All we have to do is open our eyes to it.  Close our eyes to it.  Realize that the only real problem exists right here, between our ears.

Nothingness can be one of the most powerful states of achievement that one can ever experience, if one can ever calm themselves down enough to experience it.  It is often achieved after immense suffering, after tremendous pain, whether physical in nature, or after witnessing others close to us go through the excruciating difficulties that life has to offer.

These are very difficult times right now, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  And things promise to get more difficult before they get better.  But there has been no greater time in our entire existence to appreciate all that we do have.  We don’t need television to do this.  We don’t need iPhones, iPads, computers, toys, fast cars, crowds of friends, alcohol or drugs to help us achieve peace, love and joy.  All we need is ourselves.

We can achieve this peace of mind, this serenity of being with family of blood or friends.  We can do this alone or hand-in-hand with those we love the most.  We can close our eyes to the troubles that might exist out there.  We can turn inside, and feel the rhythm of our true existence, of the peace and harmony of love and life, of the interconnectedness of all that is.

Of the heart space that connects all living things, that connects man to woman and child, to each other, to family, to race, to nation, from here to every corner of this incredible planet, and realize that there is so much that is greater than all the garbage that appears in advertisements and on television and on those handheld gadgets everyone seems to feel the need to fidget with at bus stops and on Stairmasters at the gym.

Now is the time to appreciate all that you have.  It is right here, right now.  Inside of you.  In the hands of those you love the most.  In the hearts of all those that surround you.  In the hearts of your children, your parents, brothers, and sisters, and all living things.  Appreciate every second you have, because that is really all you will ever have, at any time.

And that really is what family is all about.