Classic case of parent in desperate need of anger management classes.  Gee, is it really any wonder why his 15-year-old daughter lashed out on Facebook in the first place.  Here’s the scoop.

Fifteen-year-old daughter takes to Facebook to get back at parents re the chores they heap upon her and the pressures of growing up under mommy and daddy’s tutelage.  So her father, being the mature, emotionally disciplined lout he is, gets his revenge.  (Do I hear ego talking here?)

Dad decides to do away with his anger issues, and pretend he’s working one of those video games he’s obviously spent too much time in front of.  So, on video, disgusted dad, sitting back in his Adirondack chair on a wide stretch of lawn, wearing jeans, a plaid shirt and wide-brimmed hat, and clenching a lit cigarette, suddenly launches into a diatribe, fuming at his daughter’s Facebook post where she complains about being her parents “damn slave” and that she’s tired of “picking up” after her sloppy parents.  Dad is not a happy camper.

He then goes off on how disrespectful his daughter is and how easy she’s really got it, and then his maturity kicks in, or lack thereof (which may really be the core of his daughter’s problem in the first place) – and goes ballistic – firing his rebuttal of nine gunshots into his daughter’s laptop and posting it on the Net.  Take that.  Way to show her, dad.  Any more internet mistakes, and BLAM!!!  Blow her away.

Upon going viral, the bizarre “tech-xecution” garnered more than 26 million YouTube views and tens of thousands more on Facebook.  Some believe it touched the collective nerve of parents tired of their kids’ attitudes, while others stressed concern dad may be in serious need of doubling his dosage of anti-depressants.

She’ll never make that mistake again, right.  Wrong!!!

Parents, who have the ability to act half their age need to recognize that they are setting the example for their children’s behavior.  They cannot act one way and expect their children to act in an opposite manner.

Daughter was expressing normal emotions for a child her age.  And dad?  Well, he’s obviously got some anger issues that he needs to deal with.  It really is no wonder daughter needed to find an outlet for her misfortunes in growing up in such a hostile environment.  And her poor laptop?  Who’s going to pay for that?  And is daughter going to be responsible for pops’ bullets as well?  Before dad feels the need to post more warnings for his 15-year-old daughter, maybe mom can lead the three into some sort of anger-management, family counseling which they all seem to be in desperate need of.