As reported by the Ventura County Star, the already congested Ventura County Family Law Courthouse is going to soon become even more crowded.  That’s because, due to Governor Jerry Brown’s state budget cuts, The East County Courthouse in Simi Valley, which handles a major load of family law matters, is set to close its doors by the end of June, unless more money is funneled to the Ventura County Superior Court via Sacramento.

It’s expected that employees will also be laid off as a result of the closure.  This promises to not only be an inconvenience to those from the east end of the county who will now have to travel to Ventura, but for the Ventura Superior Courts as well, in that the already crowded 3rd floor will become even more crowded with the additional family law case load.

However, Ventura County officials remain hopeful of reopening the Simi Valley Courthouse when Gov. Brown revises his budget this May.  Courts throughout the state are all hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst.  Due to budget cuts the last several years, California’s county courts have been forced to operate with less money.

In an effort to save money, Ventura County Superior Courts have decided to operate solely under one roof.  Ventura’s Superior Court has been forced to plan for the worst-case scenario.  That’s why all civil cases from the east county, which include family law, landlord-tenant, traffic matters and small claims cases, will have to come to Ventura.

There is presently only one commissioner and one part-time commissioner hearing matters at the East County Courthouse.  There are 29 judges and four commissioners handling matters in the Ventura County Superior Court.