It’s all there ever was, and it’s all there ever will be, and it’s right now.  But we don’t have to think about it too hard.  All we have to do is be.  Just like the Beatles song.  Be in the moment at all times, and nothing bad we’ve ever done will matter because there will no longer be any fuel to that fire.  It is in the past, where it shall remain.

And we can do that right now, this New Year, today, forever.  We don’t have to remain locked in the life and pain of past and future when there is so much rich living to be enjoyed right now, at all times.  It’s really easy to avoid the suffering of anger and resentment that the past fills our ears with.

And all that stress and worrying and concern about some future somethingorother that we may or may not ever reach doesn’t have to be a severe emotional anchor through the heart of our moment-by-moment existence.  Because we can leave all that there and then.

Tomorrow, right now will be all we have.  It was all we had yesterday, it was all we had a year ago.  Think about it.  What did we do with that special moment, right now, at that time?  Did we fuel it with the rage of negative thoughts and emotions and send negative reverberations through any and everyone we came into contact with?  Or did we fill the world with our high-vibrating brand of peace on earth, by being it, now, at all times?

If we messed it up then, well, we don’t have to bring it into today and mess today up as well.  Because today we started over.  We lived it again as if each new moment is a new year and a new beginning.  We lived now in the now, not in the past or the future.  And we found the magical and mystical state of peace that is at the center of every human’s spirit, and shared that most intense of frequencies with everything and everyone we came into contact with.

So why not make every second of our life a New Year and a new beginning and a new thread in the fabric of peace of heart and planet.  And why not start right now, forever…