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This just in from the ‘just in case you missed it’ file (and, just in case you actually care):  Christian-inspired As I Lay Dying front man, Tim Lambesis, has been released on his $2 million dollar bail.  This…all because he’s trying to get a divorce.

Well, it’s not really like it’s directly tied to his divorce.  It’s more like it’s because he was accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife.  At least that’s what she said.  He says, “It’s the roids, man.”

It has been reported that Lambesis, or maybe his agent, paid $160,000 to a bail bondsman so the rock singer could free himself.  As conditions for his bail, Lambesis has agreed to be fitted with a GPS tracking device, but he is not free to contact his estranged wife – the same one he’s accused of hiring a hit man to kill – or their three adopted children, and this was probably a good call on the judge’s part

Lambesis was arrested May 7.  Prosecutors allege the heavy metal singer gave an envelope containing $1,000 in cash to an undercover agent and provided instructions on how to kill his estranged wife, including her photograph, address, security gate code, and dates he would be with their children to give him an alibi.  Prosecutors did not accuse Lambesis of being the sharpest knife in the drawer, however.

The prosecutor alleges that during the May 7 meeting with the agent, who went by the alias of “Red,” the defendant was recorded saying he wanted his wife killed.  The undercover operation was staged after the singer had told a man at his gym on April 23 and again the next day that he wanted his wife killed.  He complained she was making it difficult for him to see their children and impossible for him to complete their divorce.

In court, Lambesis’ attorney has claimed that steroids were responsible for the singer’s erratic behavior and actions in the murder-for-hire plot.  He told reporters that Lambesis did not intend to harm anybody and was apparently set up by the man at the gym.  The lawyer declined to address specifics.

As I Lay Dying has canceled all their remaining 2013 tour dates.  And the defendant is due in court again on June 26 for a readiness conference.


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Former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Jamie McCourt wants California’s family law courts to throw out her $131-million divorce settlement.  That’s why, according to the Los Angeles Times, the new owners of the Dodgers must reveal their financial arrangements with Jamie’s ex-husband/partner, Frank McCourt.  Got that?  We’re pretty sure Frank does too.

According to the Times article earlier this month, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon denied the Dodgers request to seal a summary of the team’s deal with Frank McCourt.  The judge ordered the document to be made publicly available June 17, unless Guggenheim Baseball Management succeeds in an appeal before then.

Jamie McCourt’s attorney, Bert Fields, believes the financial summary could reveal that the deal was worth more than the Dodgers publicly announced sales price of $2.15 billion.  “It shows Mr. McCourt got value way beyond $2 billion.”  And that somebody totally got ripped off in their settlement negotiations.

In her request to have Judge Gordon throw out her divorce settlement, Jamie alleged that Frank fraudulently misled her about the value of the Dodgers and their assets.  Frank denies this charge.  And he also denies extraterrestrials run the White House.

Last year, Guggenheim paid $2 billion for the Dodgers, while an affiliated entity financed the purchase of the land surrounding Dodger Stadium for $150 million.  The accompanying financial arrangements Guggenheim attempted to seal include data about how Frank and Guggenheim were to share profits from the joint investment venture, which is the crux of this whole magilla.

In court, Guggenheim argued that financial disclosure would harm the Dodgers ability to lure another sports team to the Dodger Stadium site.  (Guggenheim’s ownership has since admitted that it is indeed in talks with the NFL about building a stadium on the stated site.)

Although Staples Center owner AEG still has plans to bring the NFL to South Park, the NFL has made it abundantly clear it has its tiny, greedy, little heart set on Chavez Ravine.  As a side note, the NFL made no mention of all the profits to be made – by everyone, except I guess poor, hungry Jamie – from the Chavez Ravine site.


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When future NBA hall of famer Steve Nash first signed on with the Los Angeles Lakers he talked about hittin’ a few jumpers, maybe winning a championship, and how his family would benefit by him being so close to his children.  Now, however, the superstar guard finds himself in a full court press to keep those same children in Arizona and out of California.

That’s because Nash’s ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla, has spiced things up by attempting to move the couple’s children to California in order to get a child support order from her ex.  This in turn appears to have prompted her aging point guard ex to dig in for what promises to be an expensive legal battle for the two.

Mom says she just wants to move the kids to California so they can spend more time with their father.  And she’s hired one of L.A.s biggest divorce lawyers to prove it – and maybe to do a little battle in both the California and Arizona family law courts.  Dad, on the other hand, believes it’s all just a scheme to get child support and not necessarily what’s in the best interests for the kids.

The couple announced their split in 2010, five years after they were married.  Previously, an Arizona family law judge ruled that Amarilla is not entitled to child support in Arizona, however, she might be able to seek it in California, should she move there.

So maybe there are better schools in California, as mom has stated.  And maybe the former Mrs. Steve Nash and the former couple’s children will enjoy living in California for six months and…if things haven’t settled by then…mom can file in California’s family law court.  And the child support case will be back on, only this time it’ll be California style.  And little Stevie will probably be on the financial hook for a heckuva lot more than if he’d just settled things with the former missus back in Arizona.


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Yes she did, no he didn’t.  It’s on again, and it’s off again.  And then it’s back on again.  And it really is hard to tell which way the former ‘gropenator’ and his distinguished wife are headed these days.

It was all the way back in 2011 when Maria Shriver fired the first shot by filing for divorce from the then California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This, as we might remember, was due to the fact Arnie had fathered a son out of wedlock with one of his servants, and, then, of course, there were those other not-discussed-too-much indiscretions with those other women.

So, as the media has dutifully reported, the couple finalized all the terms to their highly anticipated divorce when…  What?    Nothing.  As a snag seemed to grip both parties who appear to be in no hurry to finalize the dirty deed.

Friends of Maria and Arnie have suggested the divorce has been put on hold simply because it has no immediate impact on either of their lives.  And they probably don’t believe the sun really has any impact on life on planet Earth either, but the couple continue to play out their typically egoic, change of heart, he love me, she love me not this week syndrome.

But who knows, right?  After all, this is California.  And reconciliation may yet again rear its ugly head and stand in the future for this duo.  And wasn’t it only last month that national media reportedly caught the pair kissing in Beverly Hills.  A possible preview to a settlement of differences on behalf of graduating daughter Christina.