Yes she did, no he didn’t.  It’s on again, and it’s off again.  And then it’s back on again.  And it really is hard to tell which way the former ‘gropenator’ and his distinguished wife are headed these days.

It was all the way back in 2011 when Maria Shriver fired the first shot by filing for divorce from the then California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This, as we might remember, was due to the fact Arnie had fathered a son out of wedlock with one of his servants, and, then, of course, there were those other not-discussed-too-much indiscretions with those other women.

So, as the media has dutifully reported, the couple finalized all the terms to their highly anticipated divorce when…  What?    Nothing.  As a snag seemed to grip both parties who appear to be in no hurry to finalize the dirty deed.

Friends of Maria and Arnie have suggested the divorce has been put on hold simply because it has no immediate impact on either of their lives.  And they probably don’t believe the sun really has any impact on life on planet Earth either, but the couple continue to play out their typically egoic, change of heart, he love me, she love me not this week syndrome.

But who knows, right?  After all, this is California.  And reconciliation may yet again rear its ugly head and stand in the future for this duo.  And wasn’t it only last month that national media reportedly caught the pair kissing in Beverly Hills.  A possible preview to a settlement of differences on behalf of graduating daughter Christina.