Just when you thought you might not be able to afford to get a divorce, this just in: improving economy and housing market make getting a divorce affordable, again.  Oh, joy.  It’s time to break up the family, because, well, we can afford to.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the improving economy and booming housing market have prompted more people to get divorced.  Yay for them.  Money, or a lack thereof, no longer needs to lead to unhappiness.  Instead, couples may now divorce a little easier than before.

According to the article, the recession had caused many couples to stay together because their homes were a financial mess or one or both parties were out of work.  When the recession had hit, home prices plummeted, home equity became scarce, and couples had fewer assets to play with.  Divorcing couples faced greater financial loses.  But now, the housing market is in a rebound, and interest rates are at historical lows.  Couples are experiencing new wealth they can now use to divorce from each other.

Rising inflation and falling housing prices put pressure on marriages and help to contribute to higher divorce rates.  The same factors also apply to making divorce more complicated.  Falling property prices mean that selling the family home may not provide sufficient funds for two separate homes, especially with lenders being so much more selective in who they lend to.