It was enough to make a grown man cry.  And it did.  Giant crocodile tears for the images he had just seen.  And they wouldn’t go away.  Children were torn from mothers’ fingers by vicious torrents of water created by something unnatural.  Entire cities were leveled right before our eyes.  If one were to listen to the mass media they would believe that Mother Nature had for some unmerciful reason dealt mankind another devastating blow of death, destruction, and horror.

Others might equate what happened this past week in the Philippines as one more in a series of indicators of the mythical Armageddon coming to fruition.  The sheer force and magnitude of destruction felt in Asia were unprecedented.  In the U.S., we too have witnessed up close the kind of havoc these unnatural storms have caused.  We’ve recently absorbed the loss of family and life to Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.  Before that we cringed at the horrific images produced by Hurricane Katrina.  We helplessly watched children cling to toys while posed in cyclonic death in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Children and families are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate on this planet and it is important that heads of families recognize this.  It’s important that members of families come to grips with the fact that their greatest enemy is probably not the person sitting across the dinner table from them or occupying the dimple in the mattress next door.

And parents need to wake up!  Because if we don’t, our families will suffer the way those poor families on the news are suffering.  And it will prove devastating.  But the tidal wave being created here is not yet a tsunami of natural proportions.  It won’t be an earthquake like the one that hit Japan or Haiti or Chile.  This disaster is different.  It will be unprecedented in magnitude and it will be like an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, a cyclone, and a nuclear attack all rolled into one when it hits.

The slow kill we are presently experiencing is on a subtler financial scale.  Slowly all of our financial assets and resources (as were our civil rights) are being stripped away from us.  We are losing every aspect of our wealth one piece at a time.  Inflation eats up our ability to save money.  Stagnant interest rates prevent the average person from making money on his money.  The housing bubble and foreclosure trap continue to squeeze the last savings and living opportunities from parents trying to put a roof over their families’ heads and people just trying to get in out of the cold.

The national debt is in the high trillions and it can never be repaid.  China and Russia have bought up all the gold and will benefit dramatically when the precious metal lid finally lifts, and these two global superpowers have begun a new financial development deal between themselves and all the other BRICS countries, territories, and republics, and we – you, I, and our kids – are going to be left holding the cold, lifeless, overflowing bag of national debt.  And there’s nothing we can do about it.

Just like there is nothing you and I are going to be able to do about the debt ceiling, which will again raise its ugly head, in a much bigger way, this coming January, because, whether we like it or not – and trust me, we won’t – like every other ‘balloon’ the banksters have ever inflated, this one too will sooner, probably rather than later, burst.  And when it does (probably by the end of 2014), most of us are going to be swept away by a tsunami of debt, no money, and no jobs, which will spell doom for the family unit as we know it.

And there’s nobody that’s going to come and save us.  From Ventura, California to New York, New York, the economy that directly affects the average person’s ability to take care of his family will disappear and take most of us with it.

So what can we do about it?  We can cry.  Or…we can prepare to survive.  And we can begin the process of preparation for survival – for ourselves, our families, and our children – right now by searching for the truth and becoming educated.  And we’re not looking for the kind of truth that’s created by telling the same lie so many times it becomes truth, but for a deeper, more meaningful truth.  One from the heart.  A truth that begins with the understanding that right now we live in an incredibly dangerous world, and at any moment a tsunami or some other major catastrophe or comet strike could devastate us, and we must be ready, and we must do what we can to keep our families and our children protected, and we must do it now.

We need to prepare so that if, for instance, some Friday afternoon after we deposit our paycheck in the bank, and the bank closes for the weekend at the end of the business day, and then on Sunday, our daughter gets sick.  So on Monday we decide we need to take some money out of the bank to pay for our daughter’s doctor’s visit, because we don’t have a regular paying job, and therefore we don’t have health insurance, and we find out that our bank, that holds all of our life’s savings in it, has suddenly and inexplicably, and without any warning, gone on ‘holiday’ and taken all of our money with them.

So now what?

There is no now what?  We can’t let that happen, period, or we’re dead.  So we get prepared.  We commit the time to research the necessary means to protect family and children right now, before it’s too late.  We have no time to procrastinate.  Emergency kits need to be prepared, emergency plans must be drawn up.  And if the kids are old enough to understand what this is all about, they too must be brought up to speed on what we are doing.  So forget about the plans to needlessly break the family up just yet.  Stop having the egoic need to always be right, and, for a change, be right.

Do the research.  Find the truth.  And prepare.  Buy emergency supplies, yesterday.  Buy lots of water.  Buy duct tape.  Buy cans of organic beans.  Buy silver and gold.  And be prepared for the banks to one day next year take a vacation with our money.  They will try to ‘bail in’ the last of our savings deposits and retirement accounts.  They will set us ablaze with a tsunami of debt, and those of us who can’t get out the system in time, or who go unprepared, will be swept out to sea.  It’s guaranteed.  Financially, it happened in Cyprus and then in Poland.  The Poles are protesting in the streets by the tens of thousands just like the Cypriots had done before them, and the Greeks before them.  It also happened in the Philippines, but in a much different and much more violent and insidious way.  And it is happening to us, here, right now, and slowly.  It is financial.  It is family.  It is slow kill.  We need to wake up, put away the tears, and prepare.