Thanks.  Giving.  Two very powerful words.  Two very powerful intentions.  One is the process of expressing appreciation.  The other is what makes the world go round.  The way to give thanks by one who is on the recipient end of giving is by continuing the cycle of giving, which can be done in many different directions.  Like roots to a thriving tree, giving can endlessly feed the soul that nurtures us all.

If everybody gives everything then everyone will always have everything they need.  This keeps the process alive within us, within our families, and within our circle of community.  The giving part doesn’t have to be seasonal, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  But it must always start from the heart.

Egoic giving is done through a sense of purpose.  Giving to get.  It’s as old as gold and bankers.  I give to you knowing darn well that later on you will be giving me something of even more value.  It’s a kind of mental give and take.  And it generally comes with expectations and frustrations and can lead to sick co-dependent relationships.

But those who give from the heart, for the sake of giving, are the ones who keep the cycle of life flowing.  And there’s no better time to do this than right now, this Thanksgiving.  And it probably really should start from within, for it is from within that the heart beats.  And within that heart resides the spirit that is who we are, our true nature, our true reality.  Spirit is truth, and the truth of spirit is peace, which is a great place to give from.

We can surrender the mind and thoughts into the heart, then operate from there, now, and we can do this forever.  And from that space within we can continually give without expectation.  Giving from a place of peace, with a smile.  Giving to a child, from the spirit, touching the spirit in the heart of that child.  Teaching that child how to give, selflessly, this holiday season.  Teaching that child to give from the heart, to everyone, now.  Giving to his brother, to his sister, to classmates and teachers.  This thanksgiving is the time to share the gift of thanks by giving to all, right now.