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This coming year promises to be very interesting, to say the least.  There’s probably going to be about one thing that can be called a sure bet, and that’s that the central banksters are gonna try to take all our money.  It’s like the center spot of a bingo board, a gimme.  It’s our money in their banks (their system) and they feel they’re entitled to it.  Heck, they hijacked our banking system a hundred years ago, and they’ve been robbing us blind ever since, which most of us are clueless about it, so what’s the difference if they steal the rest of what we got?

Our families won’t survive it, that’s what.

This new year, out of their magical bag of money tricks, the banksters are going to introduce us to something called bail-ins, which is kinda opposite of the old bailout scheme, but the same.  With the old bail-out scam the feds used to just kinda use our tax dollars (the ones originally ear marked for the elderly, the needy, social programs etc…) to pay the banks so their executives could get their bonuses after they’d run the banks into financial ruin, where now with the bail-ins, they’ve come up with the creative way of avoiding our taxes altogether, since we don’t have jobs to make any money to pay taxes anyway, and then they just take it directly from our retirement, savings, and checking accounts that are occupying space on their greedy little computer screens.  Remember, it’s been done before, and quite recently.  Money just disappearing out of depositors’ accounts.  Just look at what they’ve been doing in Europe.

Cyprus did it.  Poland has done it.  And recently the Slovenian parliament approved bank bail-in rules, the eurozone is looking to introduce bail-in rules, and the UK based Co-operative Bank announced a bondholder bail-in rescue plan.  These events all come on the heels of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) proposing a super tax of 10% on savings accounts of households with a positive net worth in Europe.

This all adds up to bad news for Americans still trapped in the American banking system.  If we’ve got anything left in the new year, we really do need to figure out a way to keep it for ourselves, to, say, feed our families with, and keep it out of the central banksters hands, who are trying to use our money to feed their gardners’ mothers’ housekeepers’ Chihuahuas.  It’s either us or them folks.  We need to wake up this new year, and save our family, or we won’t have any family left to save.

From all of us at the Law Offices of Donna Santo, we wish you a safe and peace-filled New Year!!!


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T’is the season to be jolly.  And why not, it’s Christmas time, right?  We can afford to do what we want, take our families where they want to go, and be safe in all that we do.  Right?  For some, maybe.  For those that can afford it.  But the reality this Holiday Season is that most of us can’t.  Most of us are lucky if we can afford to put food on the table to feed our families.  There’s really no celebration for most of us.  It’s egoic.  It’s delusional optimism.

This Holiday Season moods are generally a little bit darker for very good reason.  Families are battling to survive.  Unemployment is at an all time high.  There is very little money trickling down into most folks’ pockets.  People are battling to get their bills paid.  Many of us are failing in health.  Our skin itches, our hearts ache, and our cells are being genetically modified by the chemtrails they spray on us, the GMOs they feed us, and the killer cells they vaccinate us with.

Just the other day I heard one poor, limping, old man, walking on a cane with discolored and swollen ankles, tell the nurse at the doctor’s office, “I think I’m slowly dying.”  And he was right.  We’re all dying slowly.  It’s part of the plan.  It’s called slow kill.  And while they’re doing their dirty deeds on us the central banksters are stealing everything we have, right from under our runny noses.  And it’s not because we’re asleep at the wheel, it’s because we’re being overwhelmed by the system.  And we have to fight back.  It’s literally a matter of life and death.  As Moe of the Three Stooges used to wax poetically, “We got to edumacate ourselves.”  We got to understand who’s fixing the screw to whom, and how.  And why.  And then we got to do something about it.  And the sooner the better, or we’re all going to become genetically modified zombies.  And that means our kids too.

We must understand that it’s all about them having everything, and us having nothing, if that.  We’re easier to control that way, we’re easier to eliminate when we’re sick.  It’s that master-servant thang for the survivors.  They, the central banksters, have all the money and corporations, the banks and the pharmaceutical and chemical companies.  We have sickness.  They also have all the banks, which are our lifeblood, and through which they control us.  Their central banks print up fiat dollars in the billions, ship them off to the other central banks at low interest rates, who in turn mismanage it well enough to divide amongst themselves.  And we foot the bill in the form of debt.  And the battle rages.  And the family suffers.

We battle amongst ourselves for scraps.  We battle for religion.  We battle for race.  We battle for police not to shoot us in the backs.  And where’s all the battling getting us?  It’s getting us shot in the back.  And that’s not really helping our families survive.  We’ve got to be much smarter than that, because if we’re not, our families will not survive into the next holiday season.  The truth is we must wake up, and we must do it fast.

We must understand that the real trench warfare of this battle for life and death is being fought right now in the financial arena.  That’s where the winners and losers in life are decided.  That’s where it’s decided whether our children will live or die, be sick or healthy, have futures in prison or not.  It’s the playground of our handlers.  And it’s critical for all of us to understand how America’s reserve currency system stands up against the realities of our family’s existence.

It’s reasonable to assume, first of all, that the central banksters, along with our government, do not want gold to go into backwardation.  That’s because if people understood what it meant, they’d want to own gold, and not the worthless paper the Fed prints up and calls the dollar.  Remember from our last time that according to James Turk, there are two types of backwardation, money backwardation and commodity backwardation, and they both apply to gold.  Backwardation is a mathematical result that reflects the cost of money as measured by the interest rates of one national currency relative to another.

The U.S. government does whatever it needs to assure that the U.S. dollar remains the world’s reserve currency.  However, presently, market forces appear to be prevailing over the United State’s central bank’s attempts at controlling interest rates.

All national currencies have an interest rate, and so does gold.  It’s called GOFO.  And this is the interest rate at which gold is borrowed or loaned.  The reason gold has an interest rate is because it is money.  The problem was that in 1971, the governments of the world, led by U.S. President Nixon and the Federal Reserve, tried to convince the world otherwise.  They went off the gold standard, confused a lot of people, but never really changed the fact that gold was money.

When one begins to realize that gold is presently in backwardation, and its interest rates are higher than the dollar, he or she will begin to understand why our buying power is going down the tubes along with the dollar.  The interest rates we are dealing with are a direct reflection of the risk of debasement of our national currency.  Since you can’t print too much gold, it cannot be debased like other national currencies.

So how could gold’s interest rate be higher than that of the U.S. dollar?

The answer is it can’t.  Not in a market that goes without government intervention.

“Gold backwardation is an abnormal condition,” Turk says, “but theory and practice are different things. It is extremely rare for gold to be in backwardation, but it does happen when governments intervene in the market process.”  This is where gold is different from other commodities such as oil, soybeans, and pork bellies, all of which are frequently in backwardation.  Gold has an interest rate, where all other commodities like sugar, corn, and lumber do not.  Their “cost of carry”, according to Turk, “to determine their future price is based mainly on warehousing fees that need to be paid for their storage.”

Another reason gold is money is because it is accumulated, where commodities are consumed and disappear.  Gold backwardation is a unique event.  It can’t happen in theory, but it does take place when governmental central bankster intervention loses its desired effect, and market forces overpower the government’s attempt to manipulate them.

Previously, gold backwardation has taken place twice, and both times market forces overpowered government interventions that were bent on manipulating interest rates.  Turk says that gold backwardation does occasionally occur in spite of government intervention “because central banks cannot print physical gold to alleviate demand pressures.”

A shortage in supply indicates that unless demand for gold slackens or the supply increases, the price will go up.  And right now, according to Turk, there is a “strong demand for physical gold” and “a decline in demand at current price levels seems unlikely.”  To contrast this, national currencies, the supply of which can be increased to any quantity by a flip of the printing press switch, physical gold only comes from two sources:

  • New mine production, and
  • Existing aboveground stock

Mine production yields are relatively insignificant.  And above ground stock of gold “grows consistently year after year by 1.8% per annum,” Turk says, which doesn’t come close to satisfying the current global demand.  Thus, the present shortage of gold can only be “relieved from its existing aboveground stock.”  The only way for that to happen is for the gold price to rise high enough “to entice people to exchange their physical metal for dollars.”  Which is what has happened every time gold has gone into backwardation in the past.

It seems safe to say, buy gold, now.  Physical, in pocket, in hand.  It’s stronger than currency.  It’s stronger than dirt.  And it can save your family.


From the Law Offices of Donna Santo, we wish a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a gold night.


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To understand finances in any meaningful way – where one might actually be able to help his or her family survive the oncoming financial collapse – one must at least be aware of how central banks play with our purchasing power, and how that relates to interest rates and gold.  To help shed some light on this financial shadow, James Turk, writing for Goldmoney, alerts us to a financial indicator called backwardation. According to Turk, there are two types of backwardation, money backwardation and commodity backwardation, and he iterates that “both apply to gold.”  He explains that backwardation (and something called contango) are “a mathematical result that reflects the cost of money as measured by the interest rates of one (national) currency relative to another.”  Okay, and…uh…what exactly does that have to do with the price of milk in Ventura? Turk goes on to explain that interest rates are set to reflect the risk that the currency might be debased through governmental and central bank policy.  In other words, we, the consumers, who presumably are the “market”, would lose our purchasing power due to central bank manipulations that could thwart “real and accurate price discovery” in the marketplace.  Hmmm, now why would a central bank like our Federal Reserve debase the value of our hard earned dollars to make it so we had less purchasing power? In 2008, Chris Powell of asserted that, “There are no markets anymore, just interventions.”  Which means that the interest rates we deal with today that affect our purchasing power are not so much a reflection of true market conditions, but result from “heavy-handed central bank manipulations” that Turk says thwart “real and accurate price discovery by the market.” But Turk also emphasizes that central banks can only push so far (a limitation he calls “pushing on a string”) before market forces begin to push back.  Central banks in countries such as South Africa or India, whose interest rates tend to remain relatively high as compared to other currencies due to the fact they have a greater risk of being debased by government and central bank mismanagement, might then lower their own interest rates.  This would cause holders of the rupee and rand to sell the currency, which in turn would cause the exchange rate to drop.  This is because the risk of holding those currencies at lower interest rates would be perceived as being too great compared to other less risky investment opportunities for one to place their liquid capital (money). So, it appears there are limits as to how much damage “central bank intervention” can actually cause our families, or what it might be able to accomplish.  And based on what Turk says, this is because the people of the world, who we call the “market”, act as a “guardian that carefully watches central bank tinkering and responds to it by moving their money around to better suit their risk preferences.” But what if we don’t have any money to move around to better suit our risk preferences with?  We’ll try to figure this out.  And more.  As this discussion about family finances, central banks, interest rates, and gold continues…


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Whether you live in Ventura, California or Amarillo, Texas, sooner or later you’re going to have to figure out how to make financial ends meet.  And the sooner the better.  That’s because at the end of any day it’s really important to be able to put food on the family’s table.  Especially if you’ve got the only mouth in your family to feed.  But if there’s more, say a loving spouse and maybe some kids, then you’re probably acutely aware of just how tough it is to make it, how little dust is actually left in the family bank accounts, that you make not nearly enough money on your part-time job to keep the dog on a healthy vegetarian diet, that there’s no health insurance coverage bearing your family name, and that the state of the collective well-being of the family is fading faster than a Chicago Cub pennant run with all the poisons your family is being subjected to on a daily basis.

All you want to do is feel good, breathe easy, for a change, and feel some personal value and the pride of being able to take care of your family the right way.  But the fact is, your economical freedom is at a minimum.  So is your confidence and personal security, and that’s phrasing it mildly.  So what’re you gonna to do?  Call ghostbusters?  Roll up in a ball and die?  Potato bugs do that, people don’t.  Not heads of family.  They can’t afford to.  Heads of families need to come up with solutions.

The head of the family needs to be mature enough to take the responsibility to understand the surrounding financial environment so they can take care of their families’ needs in a healthy way.  Heads of families need to understand the true nature of the illusionary world that surrounds them.  They need to be able to read through the delusions and lies, peel out the layers of truth, slap them back together and understand how it applies to them.  And then they need to make that information work for their families.  Their families’ lives depend upon it.

One of the things that is critical to understand for any family’s survival is how money really works.  And that’s where it gets really tricky, because that’s where all the smoke and mirrors come out generated by those who are trying to hide the money ball from us.  They lie, manipulate, make us vulnerable, then steal it right from under our noses.  And we’re talking about the banksters, those nasty, financial, bloodthirsty beasts who will sacrifice each and every one of us in the name of greater profits.  And the nastiest bankster of them all is the central bankster.

So what is a central bankster?

A central bankster is someone who runs a central bank.  According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a central bank is the same as a reserve bank or monetary authority.  In other words, a central bank is an institution that manages a state’s currency, money supply, and interest rates.

Okay, so far so good, but what does that have to do with putting food on the family’s table?  Reading on, we learn that central banks play manager to the nation’s finances.  Sounds good, but then what’s the U.S. Treasury for?  Wiki continues to say that central banks usually “oversee the commercial banking system of their respective countries.”  As contrasted against a commercial bank, a central bank possesses a monopoly (uh oh) “on increasing the amount of money in the nation, and usually also prints the national currency, which usually serves as the nation’s legal tender.”

So what have we learned so far?  We have learned that the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, is a legal “monopoly” that oversees all commercial banking in this country.  And we thought monopolies were illegal, right?

So the primary function of our country’s central bank is to “manage the nation’s money supply (monetary policy),” through active duties such as managing interest rates, setting the reserve requirement, and acting as a lender of last resort to the banking sector during times of bank insolvency or financial crisis.

Got it.  So, we, the average head-of-household-Joe, just learned that our central bank sets the monetary policy in our country that does…what, exactly?  Okay, so let’s try that again.  We just learned, assuming Wikipedia can be believed, that the big boy bank of the greatest country on this planet is responsible for this nation’s monetary policy and is “a lender of last resort to the banking sector during times of bank insolvency or financial crisis.”

Okay, now we got it.  But wait.  We’re the ones locked in the financial crisis.  We’re the ones who need financial help.  Oh yeah, but we’re not a bank.  So us common folk, toiling out here in places like Ventura, California and Corpus Christi, Texas, the peon class that we are, who has no money, no health insurance, and probably no job, with a family living on the brink of financial servitude, who are in desperate need of our own financial bailouts, get none, while the bank of monopoly, known as the Federal Reserve, bails billions out to banks when they suffer “bank insolvency or financial crisis.”  Why is that?  And, more importantly, who is going to bail us out of our financial crisis?

No, one, that’s who.  That’s why we’ve got to figure it out.  That’s why we’re here, trying to learn how these beastie boys of the central banks manipulate the money, how they squeeze it from us to benefit themselves and their families, and what we might be able to do about it to keep our families alive.