This coming year promises to be very interesting, to say the least.  There’s probably going to be about one thing that can be called a sure bet, and that’s that the central banksters are gonna try to take all our money.  It’s like the center spot of a bingo board, a gimme.  It’s our money in their banks (their system) and they feel they’re entitled to it.  Heck, they hijacked our banking system a hundred years ago, and they’ve been robbing us blind ever since, which most of us are clueless about it, so what’s the difference if they steal the rest of what we got?

Our families won’t survive it, that’s what.

This new year, out of their magical bag of money tricks, the banksters are going to introduce us to something called bail-ins, which is kinda opposite of the old bailout scheme, but the same.  With the old bail-out scam the feds used to just kinda use our tax dollars (the ones originally ear marked for the elderly, the needy, social programs etc…) to pay the banks so their executives could get their bonuses after they’d run the banks into financial ruin, where now with the bail-ins, they’ve come up with the creative way of avoiding our taxes altogether, since we don’t have jobs to make any money to pay taxes anyway, and then they just take it directly from our retirement, savings, and checking accounts that are occupying space on their greedy little computer screens.  Remember, it’s been done before, and quite recently.  Money just disappearing out of depositors’ accounts.  Just look at what they’ve been doing in Europe.

Cyprus did it.  Poland has done it.  And recently the Slovenian parliament approved bank bail-in rules, the eurozone is looking to introduce bail-in rules, and the UK based Co-operative Bank announced a bondholder bail-in rescue plan.  These events all come on the heels of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) proposing a super tax of 10% on savings accounts of households with a positive net worth in Europe.

This all adds up to bad news for Americans still trapped in the American banking system.  If we’ve got anything left in the new year, we really do need to figure out a way to keep it for ourselves, to, say, feed our families with, and keep it out of the central banksters hands, who are trying to use our money to feed their gardners’ mothers’ housekeepers’ Chihuahuas.  It’s either us or them folks.  We need to wake up this new year, and save our family, or we won’t have any family left to save.

From all of us at the Law Offices of Donna Santo, we wish you a safe and peace-filled New Year!!!