This is probably the part that’s most difficult to understand; how central banksters can resort to taking our families’ savings out of our bank accounts via bail-ins when the world is actually being flooded with more liquidity in the form of money printing (quantitative easing) than at any time in history.  Really, how can that happen?

Here’s how.  The banks keep reporting losses, that’s how.  And it never seems to end.  As an indicator of what’s going to happen here in America, all we have to do is look over to see what’s happening in Europe.  After all, they are the precurser, financially, to what we’re going to witness here, right?  That’s because back in 2008, when America’s banking system, for all intents and purposes, should have failed, the U.S. found a way to make the huge debt payments, which in turn shoved the onus of the central banking failure domino over to Europe, so the central banksters could then prey on the European Nation by bankrupting their banks and collecting their debt in the form of land grabbing and natural resources.

Now their banks are beginning to creep further over the edge of the abyss, and the central banksters are rubbing their sweaty little hands together.  It’s being reported all throughout the banking system in Europe – and even the biggest central bankster of them all, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), says – that less than a third of the largest of the international banks is able to rightfully fulfill its financial obligations.  Think about that for a moment.  Only about a third of the banks overseas are too big to fail.  And the problem with those same failed overseas banks is that they pose a real indicator for what’s about to hit the financial system here at home.  And rest assured that the system that privatizes gains but socializes losses and is about to come to an end in Europe, is about to do the same to us harboring hopes of family and future here in America.