Remember the good ole’ days when Uncle Sam was pounding the war drums threatening to blow Syria away and kill all the citizens as collateral damage, and all we were worried about was putting food on the table.  We read about it everywhere, all the talking news heads telling us how we should go in and bomb and kill, poison gas, Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, extremists, and all that stuff, and then…it all stopped.  Prez tucked his tail beneath his coattail, took an about face, and went about other presidential biz.

Of course, the mainstream media didn’t really cover the financial aspect of what was going on in Poland at the time, and how that might have a significant impact on the finances of Americans with families today.  Coincidence?  Probably not.  Most probably the central banksters who own all the mainstream media just didn’t want to bother us with the worry that Poland’s government was going to confiscate half of the country’s pension funds in a falsely futile attempt to delay an impending government debt crisis.  Hmmmm…where have we heard this one before?

Now, if in the Polish government’s lack of truth and wisdom they can further erode the foundation of family survival over there with such short-sighted policies, how long will it take for such short-sightedness to hit our shores?  The idea there was to transfer all bond investments in privately owned pension funds within the state-government system into the government pension system.  For now, the idea goes, private pensions in Poland will be allowed to keep equity investments, which in the Polish state-guaranteed pension system tend to be about half of all private pension investments.

The idea for show is to reduce the Polish national debt.  According to Polish government officials, with the slowing economic growth, grim job outlook, and declining tax revenues, Poland has been forced to borrow in an effort to maintain the country’s large social welfare system without imposing austerity measures.  Although they’re not calling it nationalization, for all intents and purposes, Poland is in the process of nationalizing all pensions.  Government officials have argued that the overhaul avoids the more radical options of taking both bond and equity assets away from the private retirement funds outright, which would be a more comprehensive government confiscation program. This move acts as a central bankster sponsored follow up financial indicator to what the Mediterranean island-nation of Cyprus did last year when, in an effort to raise 6 billion euros to meet a condition set by international banksters, they confiscated 10 percent of all bank accounts.

The nationalization of pensions is one more in a series of dominoes the central banksters will attempt to topple as they reach deeply into our pockets to take everything we’ve got.  If our families are going to survive this financial onslaught that is being levied upon us, we’re going to have to prepare for it.  We’re going to have to do the research, and make a plan.  And we’re going to have to eventually get rid of the parasitic central banksters once and for all.  After all, it’s either them or us.  And the central banksters have proven they don’t really care about our families.