Two weeks ago we published an interesting article regarding the situation where the U.S. may or may not have enough gold to back our new U.S. currency when it debuts on the international financial marketplace. The United States Federal Reserve Note is soon to be history and it’s only a matter of time before it is replaced with a new U.S. currency that will have to be gold backed.

We received many positive responses regarding the article one of which was from a former client who works in the international institutional banking industry, which is completely different than the commercial banking industry we have become used to here in the U.S. These are the organizations that deal in assets with banking institutions that fund national central banks all around the world. These are the entities that own the real assets of the world, not the green backed paper with the ink that’s printed on it that we trade here in the West and call value.

Rita and I hadn’t spoken with each other for some time but she said she liked my article and it felt like old times. A mutual friend had sent the link of my blog to her. Back in the good ol’ days I used to tease Rita and call her “Lovely Rita meter maid” because she was a very lovely lady. She still is and very bright, a well educated woman who has always been very supportive of my writing. But this time she said there was “a problem” with some of the information I had provided. She zeroed in on the amount of gold I claimed the United States government claimed it owned. I thought the focus of her response to be odd since I had researched my information impeccably, but it was right at the center of what my article was about and I had to respect it. She was very succinct in what she said.

Regarding the actual amounts of gold in the United States I wrote that, “America claims to hold 8,133.5 tons of physical gold in its official reserves.” The disagreement my former client has with this figure is that she believes it is actually much lower. “I think the total amount is not the massive amount quoted with the real figure being far below the quoted figure,” Rita writes.

It is a fair response and I know Rita knows exactly of what she speaks. She’s been working the international financial industry game a long time, much of her time these days spent dealing with computers, financial documents, attorneys, banking officials, and members of international law enforcement. She’s precise with her work and provides specific statistics.

The problem is there is one factor that no one appears to have caught on to, Rita writes. “That is that the World Gold Council has stated that there have only been about 165,000 MT (metric tons) of the precious metal ever produced.”

That “official” figure had oddly grown since 2010 in amounts that make no historical sense. “Back in 2010 the figure was 135,000 MT (metric tons), so there is a 30,000 MT addition in 8 years which practically is just not possible because all the gold mines in the world cannot produce that much gold in 8 years, which is 3,750 MT per year,” Rita writes.

Rita is an international banking and precious metals expert and I trust her experience and reasoning for the steep increase in physical gold in U.S. possession. She’s saying that somehow Uncle Sam obtained it illegally. “Therefore I can only assume that the US is adding in some of the gold that they have stolen,” she writes. “In which case the real figure for the U.S. gold holdings is likely to be somewhere between 1,000 MT and 1,500 MT, if that.”

There are several disturbing prospects raised by Rita the first of which is that if she is correct, and the U.S. does in fact only have 1,000 MT to 1,500 MT of gold, then how does that figure suddenly rise to the 8,133.5 tons of gold I cited in my article? That’s the official figure. Or is the officially stated 8,133.5 MT figure a lie?

Rita writes that, “Russia and China are snapping up everything sold by the global legal bullion Markets, so the big question is, ‘Where has the United States suddenly got their gold from?????'”


If it’s true, that America has dramatically increased our amounts of gold assets, beyond the gold industry production capabilities, then how did we do that?

Rita says it’s obvious that we stole it from her clients. She sites specific U.S. military assets as being used in the transporting process. “We have calculated a loss of 1.2 million MT of gold from my clients’ banks,” Rita writes, “which we have traced as having been stolen by American interests, and shipped out … by U.S. Navy ships and U.S. Air Force C17 and C130 aircraft.”

Rita sites specific instances of United States government agents in the U.S. military as being responsible for stealing American gold from other countries around the world, particularly Asia and Europe, and bringing it back to American soil (or elsewhere). She also says we steal gold out of South America, The Middle East, and Africa. She says it’s been going on for a long time.

Which of course brings us back to: How much gold does America really have? Do we have enough gold to back a new currency to replace the Federal Reserve Note? If not, where are we going to get it from since the U.S. dollar is being replaced globally, and other countries aren’t going to sell us valuable assets like gold for worthless paper?

And if we do have enough gold to back a new U.S. currency, how did we get it? How much did we pay for it? Do we have receipts? Or did we steal it? And if so, wouldn’t we have to pay it back?


The number repeatedly stated by the government and media for the U.S. national debt is $21 trillion. Who is going to pay that off when the U.S. dollar crashes?

Michigan State University economist Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD), claim that another $21 trillion has come up missing from audits of HUD and the Department of Defense (DOD). That’s another $21 trillion in debt our children and our children’s children are never going to be able to repay.

That’s $42 trillion of debt that we know America owes and then if we have to pay for the gold that Rita says was stolen by our government, how much would that cost us? How much would the interest alone be? To whom would we have to pay it back? And does that mean our families are going to be indentured servants in perpetuity?