The Western financial system as it is tied to the U.S. dollar is saddled with so much debt and unfunded liabilities that it is on the verge of total collapse.  It’s difficult to tell when or what could trigger it.  It could be a single major event risk, or a corporate, state, or major municipality bankruptcy, or untimely hot war.  It’s not a matter of if but when

The question for our family is when it all melts down how are we going to find our way back from the ashes of a broken financial system to have a prosperous future?  We go back to some form of a commodity based currency, says financial writer John Rubino, co-author of The Money Bubble and The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It.  A currency that is linked to something real, and exchangeable for that real thing. Something that is not fiat currency.

“It limits the government’s ability to increase the money supply,” John Rubino says of valuable commodity backing of national currency.  “It ties it to the increase in supply of that commodity.”

This is where God and gold merge into a new financial system similar to what we used to have.  The kind of global economics that had United States finances running abundant and clear for two centuries.  “With gold, the reason it worked for 200 years, during the classical gold standard, was that the supply of gold goes up to about 2 percent a year,” Rubino says.  “So the supply of money linked to gold was stable for 200 years with no inflation.”  This was all wiped out by World War I, and the last 100 years of war. 

A global financial reset looks to be accomplished through devaluing the dollar relative to gold, which is where God comes in, backing our currency with lots of precious metal. “So we’ll announce on some Sunday night when all the markets are closed that henceforth the dollar now is just a name for one-ten-thousandth of an ounce of gold, or some number in that ballpark,” John Rubino tells  “And going forward we’ll be able to exchange dollars for gold, via the government.  We’ll have a sound money system.”


Debt is going to be wiped out and fiat currency is going to be devalued or replaced.  So what’s going to trigger it? 

“Event Risks” are rare but they can impact markets harshly.  Event risks can brew for along time.  People know it’s out there,the one triggering event, but it’s unquantifiable, virtually impossible to time.  “A key reason is that one can never be sure of the outcome, the implications and more importantly, from a market’s perspective: The reaction once the event unfolds,” reads an article entitled Event Risk. 

We can expect secret indictments with many arrests and high political resignations anticipated by experts from both ends of the political spectrum.  There have been major allegations of voter fraud in the recent Midterm Elections and buildup toward exhaustive political investigations heading both left and right, north and south.  And how about the president’s constant Twitter attacks.  How soon will it be before one of these events has a direct, irreversible market impact? 

Political uncertainly does not breed confidence in financial markets.  “Waning confidence breeds more waning confidence and before you know it you’re in a bear market,” says.  “From the time of Nixon’s re-election to his resignation markets dropped 29%. It was a wild roller coaster ride with ripping rallies and steep sell-offs, but all within a downward trend that lasted until the event concluded.”

Or it could be war. John Rubino says politics and geopolitics and war tend to follow major financial crisis.  If this plays out according to history the world could go crazy on every level imaginable.  We in America have basically, including the Cold War, been at war ever since 1914, and this isn’t expected to change anytime soon.  In fact, it could get much worse.

America has been on course to turn World War III into a nuclear exchange with named and unnamed enemies alike.  We presently have major geopolitical issues with China in the South China Sea.  Russia and the U.S. have been bombing each other’s proxy armies and advisors in Syria.  Israel is again fighting in the Gaza strip.  We’re still unsure of how the major powers will line up when the next round of major Arab / Israeli wars flare. 

Then you throw in all the blood incinerating new weapons including hypersonic missiles, drone submarines that can be equipped with nuclear weapons, and Terminator robots designed for the battlefield.  Bio warfare and chemical warfare are the most deadly they’ve ever been.  We have lasers, microwaves, and other types of directed energy weapons that fry humans alive but leave trees standing.

This can all play into our impending financial crash.  “Once they’re used there’s no way to predict what’s going to happen,” Rubino says.  “That’s another thing that’s completely terrifying from the point of view of an over-indebted, over-leveraged system.  See, when you borrow too much money you get very fragile.  And any old thing can destabilize you.”

So a new hot war could easily be the catalyst that sends us into a financial crisis like we’ve never seen before.  Or vice versa.  A financial crisis could cause a major outbreak of war.  These are the things that happen when you borrow too much money and can’t pay back your debts.  These are the issues President Trump’s tweets can cause.


It is not all doom and gloom.  There is much to be grateful for this Holiday Season.  We have much to be thankful for.  Like what?

God.  A sound future financial system backed by precious metal.  Family.

We have truth to lead us to spiritual growth and gold, well chosen farmlands and rental properties to invest our hard-earned savings into.  Things they can’t make anymore of.  “Because that’s where capital will flow when the things that governments can make more of are inflated away,” John Rubino says.

As we look ahead there is a prosperous future for those who prepare for it correctly.  We wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving from everyone here at the Family Law and Wealth Preservation Mediation Center of Ventura, California.  We encourage you to fill up with not only nutritious food this Thanksgiving but plenty of healthy food for thought.  Read, research, and at all costs find as much spiritual, financial, and political truth as you can wrap your mind around.

Understand the direction the world is heading when it comes to potential financial prosperity.  John Rubino’s bottom line is that at some point the world financiers are going to have to acknowledge that the fiat currencies are going to be called into question.  “We can’t know the timing of this, but we can know what will do well when this happens, and that is gold and silver.”  Prepare intelligently.

Thank God for gold and silver.  Thank God as often as possible and pray for healing for American veterans and the elderly, and may you and your family have a safe, healthy, and prosperous Holiday Season.