Financial truth is very difficult to come by these days especially when it comes to gold.  The mere role gold plays in global finances is completely misunderstood by most financial advisers and talking heads because the truth has never actually been revealed to them.  They don’t have a truthful financial basis to operate from.

Truth in gold history has never been taught in any school of global economics.  It’s not made available for public consumption.  It’s one of the many hidden secrets possessed by the powers that be for their use, not ours.  That’s why the media and so-called experts of modern day economics never even take into consideration who truly runs the higher and deeper aspects of our totally controlled and manipulated financial system.  They have no idea really who controls the world’s gold, ancillary accounts, and other valuable precious metals, and how that really plays out when our financial system finally does bottom out.  The truth pseudo economic experts don’t understand and therefore are incapable of telling us about is this:  The key to global finances is in possessing the world’s gold supply, and then controlling all forms of income derived therefrom.

When you play by marketplace gold, for instance, in today’s modern world rules you know that Comex is a major player in gold paper trading.  Comex is the primary futures and options market for trading metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum, and did you also know that Comex is run by the banks?  Which means the banks control the inflation and deflation of fiat currency and the paper that controls the price of gold.

Something else that’s not programmed into our box of understanding: the banks have all the financial control, and we do not. 

“The interesting thing about the Comex is if you understand that it’s run by the banks who have market making monopolistic power then you know they’re going to lead the speculators into the wrong footed positions all the time,” says Craig Hemke, Sprott Money News.

That’s how the banks control the average investor and this is something most people who invest in gold never realize.  What they’re being told is part of the financial smoke and mirrors financial game of fraud.  Paper gold is not the same as precious metal stored in a safe deposit box, and its prices are manipulated by the banks.  Paper gold is actually worth little more than the paper it’s not written on.

As for silver, many experts believe the banks are not going to be able to deliver as promised on the open interest in December because there’s not enough recorded silver in their possession and under their control.  “Is there not like a billion ounces of open interested silver.  Like nobody has a billion ounces,” Eric Sprott says in Hemke’s weekly Wrap-Up interview called, What”housing Armageddon” means for gold and silver

The gold exchanges are not going to be able to pay off the contracts and they’re going to be scrambling to get precious metals on the open market that are not going to be there.  The reality is gold and silver are being bought out of global marketplace existence at a record pace by the East as we in the West suffer through financial misunderstanding and blindness and the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes.  The media is telling us our economy is booming while our family’s inability to make financial ends meet tells us otherwise.  And it’s not just us.  All the markets are reeling for everyone across the world at the same time.

“We seem to be having, one, economic weakness across the board,” Sprott says.  “German GDP was down, Japanese GDP down, Hong Kong GDP weak.  We’ve got stress in housing pretty well in all developed countries.  Auto sales are weak, and more notably in Europe.  That and travel data seems to be weakening off here.  And we’ve seen a lot of concerns about that.  And two, you have the signs of market that’s under a lot of stress here.  The fact that it’s almost flat on the air now.  Bonds have been weak.  No pension fund can be making money.  It’s almost impossible,” Sprott says.

America’s top shelf corporations are also taking a beating and we can see the bailouts are coming to corporate America while the rest of us starve.  “You got GE getting hammered.  You got PGE getting hammered.  Of course Apple’s in there.  Goldman Sachs is getting hung out here because of their involvement with Malaysian fraud that cost the Malaysian government $4.5 billion dollars,” Sprott says.

Malaysian people go hungry and the Malaysian King marries the former Miss Moscow after visiting a fertility clinic as financial debt continues to mount with internationally coordinated answers seemingly nowhere in sight.  We have a lot going on in the world that’s not very good from a market perspective and nobody’s offering viable solutions.  Companies are being negatively affected by the trade war, which doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime soon, and the media is not focused on what that has to do with our economy, jobs, or ability to feed our families.  The media is part of the disinformation campaign.

We have global humanity issues like Ebola raging its ugly head again in Africa.  Warnings from the CDC can cause chaos in the global economy, certainly affecting travel.  

We’ve got Brexit and nobody’s pricing that in if all of a sudden that goes south and the Euro rallies and the dollar falls. Who’s going to tell us the truth of how we play out that potentially catastrophic scenario?

“We’ve got major potential problems with the commercial paper market,” Hemke explains, “and all the GE short term debt that’s out there and held by people.”  One look at all of what’s happening around the world in the financial markets and we realize factors that are not being priced into real time economics. 

Do we have any idea that interest rates are going to kill us?  Mortgage rates have gone from 3.6 percent to 5.2 percent.  That’s almost a 45% increase in interest costs alone.  “Welcome to housing Armageddon here,” Eric Sprott says.

We’re seeing major signs of stress in the bond market.  “Some of the best commentators are suggesting that there’s fundamental weakness.  In fact, one of the best says, ‘You know, we all knew it was phony.  Zero interest rates and the printing of money.’  The whole nine-year rally from ’09 to today, we knew it was phony.  It was the elephant in the room.  But because the markets kept going up, we didn’t worry about it.  Well, you know what?  Now that we’ve reversed things, we see the elephant in the room.  Which is higher interest rates and restricting money,” Sprott says.

So what happens when the Fed raises interest rates even more?  They’ve scheduled four Fed rate hikes for next year.  Even the Wall Street Journal said the Fed should hold off on hiking interest rates, which will send bond prices plummeting, with our families stuck in the middle with nowhere to live.  The housing market is crashing in all four corners of America.  Rising interest rates and low paying jobs are preventing families from being able to buy new homes or cars and our future is being left up to the Fed raising rates which only benefits them. 

They’re going to begin printing more money than ever at some point with real risks of hyperinflation kicking in and we have no idea what we’re going to do to have a prosperous future with the U.S. dollar.  Which is why we keep hearing talk about a return to the gold standard.

Eric Sprott believes it’s the only thing that makes any financial sense.  “If you can own gold at twelve-hundred-and-twenty-bucks and a year from now it’s still 1220 and the markets are down forty percent, that’s one great move on your part, “Sprott says.


Some financial experts believe gold is going to explode in value once the banking control mechanisms, financial restraints, corruption, and price manipulation have been reversed and the criminal bankers arrested and/ or intentionally retired, with some pricing a future ounce at five figures.  “The $10,000 announced number comes from people calculating – based on the amount of fiat currency that exists in the world – what it would take to go back to the gold standard as it used to be structured,” financial writer John Rubino says.

In other words, if you have that much gold backing of the existing fiat currency in the world, what price of gold makes that balance?  “You know, makes the equation balance.  And $10,000 an ounce pretty much does it right now,” says Rubino who founded, a financial blog and news aggregation site. 

One of the major problems however with trying to calculate the future value of gold is that the amount of global debt increases dramatically with every passing day.  So the number of debt is rising along with the amount of paper currency in the world.  That’s a major part of what keeps the fiat currency system expanding and afloat.

So if we own gold Rubino is saying that the $10,000 figure is right now what we’re looking at for the future.  When the economy crashes at some point the value of gold will be $10,000.  But on the other hand, it may be higher.

If the U.S. dollar dies to zero, gold could shoot to infinity, Rubino says.  “And if you assume that the fiat currencies that are out there today are not just going to fall and then be devalued – but they’re going to fall to zero.  If they’re just going to evaporate then your number for gold is infinity,” he says.

So somewhere between $10,000 an ounce and infinity is probably where gold will end up in the next monetary system, after we have the reset.  After everything has crashed.  If we’re still alive.

The experts keep saying that we can’t know the timing because we can’t know the exact progression of global events.  Gold and silver are good to own because their trajectory is going to be upward regardless of what happens geopolitically and to global currencies.

That’s a lifetime of investing right there, some experts say.  That’s all we really need to do is buy a bunch of gold and silver right now and ride it until this thing plays out, and we’ve basically done our financial thing for a lifetime.  So long as we can avoid confiscation.

What the mainstream media fails to tell us is that if we don’t want to be owned by the financial markets right now we will probably want to be as safe as possible.  We will want hard assets that we either own or store in a very safe place, that won’t just evaporate in a financial crisis or be confiscated when the government is desperate for funds and starts to go crazy.