Secrecy of financial truth has allowed the banks of the world to wage war against humanity, and they’ve stolen all of our money in the process.  This includes much of the world’s gold.  History books have been rewritten to hide the truth of who has stolen what gold from whom when, and how that stolen historic booty has been used to control mankind through fiat currency, a smoke and mirrors financial system cover for corruption, manipulation, and crime.

Those who have stolen the gold from financial sources most of us never knew existed control the banking system that kept us from accessing it.  Secret financial treaties of years past indicated that it was to be used to benefit humanity but governments and media steered us wide.  We were dominated and fooled for at least the last hundred years by magical lies dispensed by a Wizard of Oz like controlling mechanism called fiat currency propagated by the Federal Reserve banking system from behind the curtain that was literally part of a greater plan to control and steal all the world gold.

That curtain is slowly beginning to lift now as major truths about breaking paradigms are beginning to bubble to the surface of greater understanding.  Space Wars, Deep Underground Military Bases, Vaccines, Big Pharma, Western Medicine, and Global Banking are but a few of the dark universes that are bearing light as hot topics for all to see.  We are also beginning to see what the collapse of our existing financial system is going to look like from the experts of precious metal, the hidden undercurrent of international finance for all of recorded history.

“I consider this interview with Bill Holter to be near spot on,” the gold expert at the other end of the e mail tells me.  It’s a former client who has reconnected with me through a former client with a sense of urgency regarding certain things I’ve written about gold in America.  Now he’s referring to an interview financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter conducted with journalist Greg Hunter at  The subject is the exploding debt.

Most of us would have no idea regarding the actual behind the curtain machinations being played out by the financial banking Wizards but Gerrit Visser and Bill Holter both seem to have a keen grasp of what’s taking place and are telling the world about it.  Through their work we learn about a financial system that is in an ongoing process of total disintegration – having exploded in the mid 1980s as the world entered into a cycle which witnessed the creation of unprecedented levels of debt which has only accelerated in pace over the last 15 to 20 years.  The reason for the massive printing of more debt has been a matter of survival because the banks don’t have anything else.

“This is because liquidity isn’t really there,” precious metals analyst and financial adviser Gerrit Visser says.  As a result governments and corporations have been issuing large amounts of bonds to finance everything they do. Unfortunately, this has led to our witnessing a “historical repeat” of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

“The world was technically bankrupt, again,”Visser says.  “Even then there was a facility readily available to step in and acquire all these bonds,certificates, etc to bring the economies back into operation.  A lot of that facility’s gold was encumbered to do this.”

Gerrit Visser is another one of those voices from the upper echelon of the international financial world who believe that America’s leaders over the last century have led the world into a nosedive into financial oblivion.  To make matters worse he believes America actually has zero gold in our financial coffers from which to bail ourselves out.  He should know since he advises the financial institutions / organizations that are in the business of bailing out banks and governments.

“Now we are at the same stage as the world was in the late 1800s and early 1900s,” Visser says.  “There are hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of bonds and certificates around the world that cannot be paid off because of the over-riding debt factor, and the lack of liquidity, but this time that same gold facility, that is still there, is not going to step in to shore up the system because the system just abuses it instead of changing to a more balanced and managed economy right around the world.”

Visser says we’re now at the stage of the dying fiat currency where government has no one left to prey on but the taxpayers.  “The exceptional consumerism factors we have today is deliberately propagated to generate taxes for the governments because they know that they have reached their limit for bond issuance altogether, so they need liquid income in the form of taxes.”

The denial of bubbles also is not helping the situation.  People are beginning to catch on to the fact that governments have bankrupted their own countries.  So now consumerism is slowing down, debt is still increasing, interest rates are beginning to move upwards, and as Bill Holter points out, THE BUBBLE HAS BEEN BURST, so it is only a matter of time now before the bubble deflates completely and the world flames in a downward spiral.

Something has to replace the burst bubble or Western civilization is going to go down with it. It’s going to be a time with a lot of belt tightening and sacrifice.  Precious metals is actually the only solution left.

“Gold, silver, platinum, is the answer but prices of these real assets (assets without debt) need to rise dramatically,” Visser says.  That means “gold must rise above the $10,000 USD per Troy ounce, silver has to go to $2,500 USD – $3,000 USD, etc…,” he says. 

“And we are currently seeing the price of platinum explode,” Visser says.  “No one can see any other option at the moment so whether there is an option or not is highly questionable.”

As Visser stated in his previous e mail to me in response to my HR 5404 article entitled, What happened to HR 5404 and the gold backing of America’s new currency?, “The government and mainstream media’s efforts to lie to the public regarding what’s really happening to the world financially is going to fail this time. It doesn’t matter how much gold or silver that countries currently have because it is all accounted for to pay off part of the national debts around the world,” Visser wrote.

In his interview Holter also talked about Comex having only 20 MT of gold to settle some 30 billion MT of paper gold claims, hence why it transferred everything to the “London Markets”, avoiding bankruptcy in the United States.  “Paper gold should never have been allowed, but that just shows how uncontrollable the markets are just for the purpose of making money for the elite,” Visser says.

The system is collapsing and will continue to collapse.  There’s no avoiding it now.  That’s what Holter’s whole message is about.  We’re in free fall and the only question that really remains is how fast will it take for everything to completely unravel.

“Currencies will be worth next to nothing, just additional bits of toilet paper, unless they are backed by real unencumbered and debt free assets like silver and gold,” Visser says.  “Commodities will rise quite dramatically, including gold and silver, platinum, oil, etc.  Personally I cannot see any end to this misery unless a new gold /silver backed international currency is introduced, quite quickly, however, that on its own will not create or erase the problems fast enough.  The governments and markets need to have far better control and management and debt per country needs to be limited.  In effect we will have to go back to the 40s and 50s, hypothetically speaking, and then move forward slowly but steadily and all learn to live within our means.”  Good luck America.


Visser says there will also need to be another 1934-35 “Gold Confiscation Act” right across the world to be able to balance the books as quickly as possible, “which will not please people, but it will be necessary”.

We are now all learning the hard way the damage that fiat currencies can do if allowed to excessively wander from strict regulations, and you can blame the central banks and uncontrollable governments for all of that.

“Gold and silver backed currencies are the only answer that I can see at this juncture, and the gold facility I have referred to has more than sufficient gold, silver, and platinum to do this.  Not America or any other country,” Visser says.  “The present system /circumstances is what Ferdinand Marcos was trying to prevent when he introduced the global ‘Agreement,’ but of course the cabal didn’t like it so it has never been implemented.”  Foolishly.  Stupidly.  And humanity continues to suffer as a result thereof.