International financial and banking expert Rita R. liked my gold blog about HR 5404 entitled “WHAT HAPPENED TO HR 5404 – AND THE GOLD BACKING OF AMERICA’S NEW CURRENCY?” so much she forwarded it to her dear friend and precious metals analyst, Gerrit Visser, who liked it so much he wrote back to me with detailed explanation as to exactly what’s wrong with America’s gold picture, HR 5404, and what it will take for the U.S. to fix its desperate financial crisis.

“The reason I write to you is that this is a subject which I am involved with on a daily basis, and a subject likely to become a highly contentious issue as time moves on as the ‘Gold Backed Currency Lobby’ gains far more traction,” Visser says.

The truth is finally beginning to come out.  Our “Fiat Currency” financial system is finally reaching its end.  Those who work in the international economic circle of understanding true history and how it creates today’s intricate global financial reality know that the world is presently pivoting away from central banking and “Fiat Currency” toward a global system of gold backed national currencies.  Some experts further believe this will eventually lead to the formation of a single new world gold-backed reserve currency; one that will not be run by traditional central banks, fiat currency, evil Globalists, Democrats, the U.N., the IMF, or Chinese Communist Technocrats.

My HR 5404 article has garnered attention from some of the right individuals because it stirred up many of the right questions at the right time, the most important of which is:  Where is America going to get the gold required to back its future U.S. currency?  We can’t have one without the other.  It’s a question everyone should be asking because it affects us all and is our ticket out of debt slavery and into a potential prosperous future in this country and abroad. 

The world has done this before.  We’ve changed global reserve currencies.  We’ve gone from the ‘Franc’ to the ‘Pound’ to the ‘Dollar’.  And we’ve also gone to war over the issue disguised as ideological, religious, or territorial disputes many times through the last hundred years alone.  Why is that?

The U.S. Dollar is going to go the way all fiat currencies eventually go.  The big question here is, How are we going to get out of this financial mess we’re in when it all finally does blow up?

Most importantly, my HR 5404 article stirred up in Gerrit Visser a desire to explain to my clients and readers the various factors which are usually overlooked by the public as the existing media and government narratives continue to mislead us to where we never become fully aware of the “deep rooted factors” surrounding the true issues of financial recovery for the U.S. Dollar-supported Western World. 

There is and has been for over a hundred years a solution to our financial system problems.  It’s going to be painful and it will take time and we’re going to have to study and search for answers, and the precious metals analyst here and financial experts elsewhere are supplying us with really huge clues.  There’s a lot more going on behind the curtain of international gold holdings that “officials” are not admitting to and these precious metals are at the centre of our future and past gold backed currencies.


The media and many financial historians and prognosticators seem to have forgotten that prior to August 1971, all currencies around the globe were fully backed by gold and silver.  “That factor alone determines that there was more gold and silver available in the world than stated by The World Gold Council (WGC), who estimates in 2017 that all the gold ever mined totalled 187,200 metric tons, with an estimated 52,000 MT yet to be mined,” Visser says.

What we are given are false statistics to base our math on.  But that’s all we have to go with officially.  The WGC states that currently in the world there are approximately 165,000 MT of gold in the hands of central banks, private investors, and the public, the latter as jewellery, collector’s items, and commercial operations for such items as printed circuit boards, electronics, etc.  There really are no other trustworthy figures to go by.

So we are supposed to believe that this is all the world’s gold; what they tell us the world has mined and is capable of mining, but is it the truth?  Visser doesn’t think so. 

“Gold has been mined for over 6,000 years.  Accurate records of production have only been kept for approximately 150 years.  So there is bound to be a discrepancy, quite a large one, in fact.  In the figures stated by the WGC where 187,200 MT have ever been mined seems to be a very, very low figure in comparison to actual figures.  The difference is not held by central banks, commercial banks, jewellers, collectors, or commercial operators,” Visser says. “Much of the world’s gold is held legally, on and off record, by the owner of the trust that is the world’s largest gold facility.”


Prior to August 1971, all countries were required by law to back their currencies with gold.  “There are over 200 countries in the world, so if we divide 165,000 MT of gold (The World Gold Council figures) by 200 it equates to an average of 825 MT of gold per country.  Of course in this equation many countries will have less than that figure and some countries will have more than that figure,” Visser says.

Now let’s take an average gold price per troy ounce of over 31 years (1940 – 1971), which equals 36.314 US dollars per troy ounce, he says.  Let’s multiply that by 26,524,370 troy ounces (825 MT) which equals $963.37 million USD.

That is the amount we would have to back the U.S. Dollar using the 825 MT gold figure.  Is that enough to keep America going strong?

“To answer your question, Michael, that is not a lot of money to back a nation’s currency, even the currencies of some of the smaller nations of the world.  So the question arises as to where did all the gold come from that was used to back all the currencies of the world and allow those countries to expand their economies?” Visser asks.

If America doesn’t have enough gold holdings to actually back either the U.S. Dollar in it’s present format or a new U.S. currency, then it would still have to get gold from somewhere else in the world.  That’s not going to be easy to do.  Ask gold analyst Rob Kirby and you would know that tonnage of gold is very difficult to find on the open market.  There’s not enough available for everyone.  Many nations are completely going without any precious metals officially being logged into their national treasury books.


“The answer is, and you know it as well as I do, but it’s the historical gold facility we’ve been talking about.  A facility that owns the wealth of the world, in terms of precious metals.  That is not a title held by the U.S. or the Federal Reserve Bank, or anyone else.  They do not own the wealth of the world,” Visser says.  “They say they own the wealth of the world, but that too is fraudulent.”

The historical precious metals and ancillary accounts ‘Trust’ the gold analyst and adviser speaks of is the most valuable trust in the world and is actually a very old gold facility spread throughout the world in depositories and the like.  It is made up of tremendous wealth that has been utilized several times throughout history in an effort to try to cure the global financial system once and for all of the evil controlling mechanism that is the Central Bank Fiat Money System. 

But those on the side of good who own the gold facility have faced tremendous odds and murderous attack from central bankers, corruption, terrorism, war, political manipulation, and mercenary, corporate, and military intelligence operations.  The mainstream, independent, and Internet media play a major part in misrepresenting the true state of global economics and the true history of what a solid gold backed financial system actually looks like.

It is all controlled from above by an octopus of central bankers, with it’s many dangling tentacles intermeddling in many things in many places.  They had to steal the wealth of the world that was intended to back a solid global financial system, in order to accomplish their control and smoke and mirror manipulation that has continuously fed their corrupt financial system, because they did not own the assets themselves.  Just ask Rob Kirby, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Michigan State Professor Mark Skidmore how money gets stolen and converted into the “dark” in this country.

“That’s one reason why all that gold that had been assigned to the countries of the world to back their currencies became unencumbered as of August 15th, 1971, when the gold standard was officially removed by an act undertaken by U.S. President Richard Nixon,” Visser says.  “The world’s gold was returned to the historical gold facility, except for that gold which was specifically assigned to America, who stole it using it to feed the ‘Fiat Money’ machine and illegally pay off some U.S. debt.” 

The whole purpose of leaving the Gold Standard and feeding us a steady diet of “Fiat Money” was so those controlling The Federal Reserve Bank system could not only control us through their slave finances but shift their complete attention and tremendous resources into once and for all stealing the gold that had been used to back the global currencies of the world in the first place.  It’s all about reaching financial critical mass globally.  Own the world’s precious metals and you own the world.  Go to war.  Conquer people.  Steal their gold.  Gold wars.  That’s what’s really going on.