This balloon will pop and at some point in time the price of gold is going to go bananas up.  “This will happen.  As sure as there will be wildfires at some point in the future again in California.  After they get through this year’s.  So this is a recurring thing,” says Rob Kirby of kirbyanalytics in his recent interview on

And foreign investment money knows this because foreign governments and banks understand Chris Martenson’s hockey stick graph on exponential growth.  They understand it just as well as the Fed and the U.S. Treasury and Chris Martenson understand it.  The growth rate of the current world reserve currency, the fiat U.S. dollar, is in a phase where its growth is vertical.  It must remain vertical.  And the minute it stops being vertical it collapses onto itself.

“And that typically would likely mean a hyperinflationary event.  Because it means the currency goes to a zero value.  As the cliche has long been said, all fiat currencies return to their true and intrinsic value which is zero,” Kirby tells Greg Hunter.

Fiat currencies throughout the history of money have all shared that one common trait.  They all revert to their true intrinsic value which is zero, and the U.S. dollar will be no different than the hundreds of other fiat currencies before it, because that’s where they all went.

Which all pretty much means people are starting to realize this and they are trying to get into precious metals.

“In the last three or four months I would share with you that the urge for very serious money to get out of fiat and into physical metal has been unprecedented.  And we’re talking many, many, many billions of dollars worth of fiat money looking to be converted into physical metals.  And the lineup of billions to get converted to physical metal is astoundingly large,” Kirby says.

So does that mean we’re on our way to having a Puerto Rico moment, where we default on our debt like the territory did, having to decide whether to pay the bondholders or our bills to keep the lights on, the water running, and the sewage from backing up? 

“I don’t think the real path they choose is clear yet.  Because technically America can repay all of its debtors. Technically, America can print the money and just tell all the foreigners, here you go, here’s your fiat dollars.  I think the U.S. Treasury actually reserves the right to call in all their debt so they could technically just say, here’s your fiat money.  Consider yourself whole on our obligations on the bonds,” Kirby says.

The U.S. could pay off the bonds but the money’s not going to be worth anything.  That’s the same as a default.  Which Kirby says is like saying I had sex with that woman, but it all depends on what your definition of sex is.  In this case what your definition of a default is.  We paid you back.

And that’s what plays back into the metals side of it.  “Amazingly, back when money was backed by metal back in 1966, 67, I remember gasoline being 25 cents a gallon …  You could take a quarter (from then) that had 80% silver and you could get a gallon of gas.  Well that quarter today is worth about a gallon of gas.  Because that quarter today is worth around probably in Canada four bucks and that’s close to what a gallon of gas is.  So the point is the cost of a gallon of gas hasn’t really changed a lot in silver terms.  It’s only changed in dollar terms.  Because the dollar has been debased,” Kirby says.

This is why people seek physical metal when they feel that a serious reset or a serious fall might happen in the fiat realm.  They’d rather be hedged and own physical metals.

Gerrit Visser, Jim Sinclair, and other precious metals experts are saying the same thing.  We’re going to a Gold Standard.  Nobody’s going to trust cryptocurrencies, not for big money as a store of value.  But will the U.S. actually have anything to do with it?

“Ultimately, that’s going to happen.  Whether it’s going to be initiated or led by America would depend largely on – and here we get back to this whole audit issue – I don’t believe America possesses the gold they claim to, officially.  And if America has no gold it’s going to be very difficult for an American president or American leadership to claim that we’re going back to anything resembling a gold standard,” Kirby says.

America is going to have to back their gold currency.  How could that possibly take place?

“If they’re going to back the currency it means they’re going to have to reopen the gold window.  That means if they don’t have any gold they can’t open the gold window.  Because there will be demands for physical metal at the Treasury,” Kirby says.


We’re all taught that the banks are working for us, the customer.  You pick your bank, deposit your hard earned paychecks, they protect your money, right?  Wrong. 

“Just remember that whenever the Fed, and it is the Fed that keeps the data on the monetary aggregates – it’s actually the Federal Reserve, St. Louis – that keeps monetary aggregate data.  And if you look at the Fed, St. Louis and the amount of money that they say is in existence, well, that’s erroneous reporting,” Kirby says. 

Because that number should be a minimum of $21 trillion bigger.  And if the whole world were to overnight realize that the amount of money in existence is trillions of dollars more than the government has told them, well … you do the math.  And add up the pitchforks while you’re at it.

President Trump doesn’t want to admit that America doesn’t have any gold.  He doesn’t want to admit America’s bankrupt.  He doesn’t want to admit that America’s insolvent.  Instead what we have is a government that just seems to be kicking the proverbial can down the road to buy time.

“It was Robert Reuben back in the Clinton Administration.  When he wrote his autobiography there was a segment where Robert Reuben explained the motivation and the factors affecting high level decision making in the U.S. Treasury.  And he said sometimes we make very poor decisions but those poor decisions are more than justified if they can prevent the collapse for another six months,” Kirby says. 

So that’s the kind of decision making that really goes on at the highest levels when the financial elites are dealing with hopeless situations.  They will make decisions that they know are absolutely foolhardy, have no merit and no prospects for success in the long run.  That will keep them alive.


“It’s the whole mantra of, if we can prevent a collapse from happening today and buy another day, or buy another week, buy another month, then it’s worth doing.  Because then we avoid the anarchy.  Basically what they’re saying is they avoid meeting their end.  And they avoid being hung.  But what all this is really about is that treason has been committed at the highest level by financial elites and the people in control of the financial apparatus.  And I’ll say this, in America the people controlling the financial apparatus are the ‘Deep State.’  And we know that Trump is anti ‘Deep State’ and it’s been said often by a host of different sources that since Trump’s inauguration it’s been widely said that he is not in control of the Justice Department,” Kirby says.

It’s also been said he is not in control of the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve Bank.

“I would argue that Trump is very likely not in control of the Treasury also.  And I do believe that the Treasury is controlled by the ‘Deep State,'” Kirby says.

From everything that is happening in America financially it appears Mr. Kirby is correct on both accounts.  President Trump is fighting to retake control of America’s financial institutions that are controlled by the enemy of the people of the world.