A lot of smart people like Paul Craig Roberts, John Rubino, and Chris Martenson have said this whole thing should have blown up a long time ago.  Macroeconomics analyst Rob Kirby believes the only way it kept going is through fraudulently created money. “If $21 trillion dollars hadn’t been created out of thin air fraudulently it would have,” Rob Kirby says regarding the financial system to Greg Hunter in their November interview.

Greg Hunter of USAwatchdog.com agrees.  “How close do you think we are?  Now here we are ten years past this great recession of 2008.  We’re all hands on deck, print, print, print, QE1, 2, 3, ‘twist,’ whatever the heck it is.  You know, all the lending money, borrowing, swaps of dollars and euros, buying corporate bonds, it’s just stupid, crazy stuff they been doing.  Buying mortgage backed securities – toxic assets.  I mean they’ve been rigging the markets, criminally.  They’ve pled guilty over and over and over again.  They rigged Libor, gold, silver, futures, commodities, everything under the sun.  And then the financial channels are like, what?…  It’s like they’re stupid.  I kid you not, it’s like they’re stupid,” he says.  Don’t hold back, Greg.

But he’s right.  It’s all about smoke and mirrors and pulling levers behind the curtain.  Rob Kirby compares the machinations behind the global financial system to a Las Vegas magic act. 


“Well, the reality is our price discovery in our capital markets is a big illusion and to me what has been perpetrated on humanity by our central bankers and the people in control of the world’s reserve currency is really no different conceptually than David Copperfield making people believe that he made a Lear Jet disappear,” Kirby says.

What he’s saying is if you believe our capital markets as they currently sit are anywhere close to being fair or responsible examples of price discovery then you probably want to buy another ticket to see the next great magical performance from behind the curtain in Oz and the Federal Reserve Bank.

“It’s complete and utter buffoonery,” Kirby says.  “It’s high crimes against humanity that have been going on in our financial arena.”

And that’s just reality talking.  The amount of money that’s in circulation is dramatically higher than what is acknowledged.  “And you know this money that was fraudulently created would only have been created with the knowledge and assistance and complicity of the Federal Reserve,” Kirby says.

So it’s the ‘Deep State’ controlling the U.S. Treasury in cahoots with the Fed and you know Americans have quite a mess on our hands and at some point this is all going to shake out.  The only reason it’s been able to go on for this long is because they’ve been able to steal what they’ve needed to keep it afloat. 

“The reason it hasn’t happened, we can thank Dr. Skidmore and Catherine Fitts for giving us the explanation.  The explanation is that these jokers have created more money than anyone can wrap their head around.  But the money was created because we’re on the vertical part of the growth curve of the dollar,” Kirby says.

This money that’s been created has to continuously be fed into the system or the whole thing blows up.  But when you’ve got vertical growth with a steep incline how long does $21 trillion last?  And the question is, Has the amount stolen really only been $21 trillion?  Could it actually be $50 trillion as Catherine Austin Fitts suspects?  Or has it been “much, much more” than that as Gerrit Visser suspects? 

The problem is we just don’t know.  Because we’re not being given straight goods by anyone.

“And the reason we know we’re not being given straight goods, because when people question the Department of Defense the federal government just basically made it a matter of national interest and redacted the whole thing,” Kirby says.

That’s true.  They said it was now a national security issue, door closed, we remove the information, thanks.  Nothing here to see.  Move along, move along. 


The macroeconomics analyst is asked by Greg Hunter if he believes it is a red flag coming up when the Bank of England tells both Venezuela and one of their crown colonies Australia, Yeah, you can’t have your gold back?  Sorry, we’re keeping that.

“It’s absolutely a ratcheting up of the seriousness of the situation at hand.  But I mean does that mean the Venezuelans and the Australians won’t stand in line and be the next to buy a ticket to the David Copperfield show?” Kirby asks.

They’re asking for their gold.  It’s not being returned.  The financial truth is coming out to the world.

“The amount of documentation and the amount of truth that is available if one wants to be informed and wants to understand what truly has occurred, that information is available.  It is circulating in the world, which is why there is an insatiable buildup in demand and a want for physical metal,” Kirby says.

Greg Hunter calls it terrifying.  The realization – you can stand on the $21 trillion, extra.  On top of the $21.9 trillion that they say we already owe as debt.  The government basically admitted, You know, we’re not saying you’re wrong.  It’s just a national security issue.  That is terrifying.  And that’s probably not all.

“That money went missing over the time period of 1998 to 2015.  And, you know, who was aware?  In 2015 who was aware that it was even missing?  If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it did it really fall?” Kirby asks.

If $21 trillion went missing and nobody noticed, would it really be stolen?  How about $500 trillion?  A quadrillion USD?


Greg Hunter can’t get his head around the fact that people aren’t talking about this in the mainstream.  He says to Kirby:  “You hear people on TV.  We’re the wealth guardians.  We’re the wealth managers…  Yeah, have you factored in this extra $21 trillion?  What $21 trillion?  I mean this is stupid.  This is real.  People better factor this in.  They’re going to be asking, why weren’t we told about this?  A lot of mainstream media people are ignoring this.  Fox Business, CNBC.”

The issue is it seems too big to believe, Kirby says.  People cannot wrap their heads around how big $21 trillion is.

But didn’t the White House wrap its head around it.  After William Skidmore appeared on USAwatchdog.com revealing his findings they ordered their first ever audit, “which the DOD just failed,” Hunter says.

But we’re not going to be given details.  There is no transparency as the fiat money financial system sizzles out of control.

This is why people like Rob Kirby are trying to secure gold for people around the world at an unprecedented rate.  He is seeing a heightened frenzy of people trying to convert their fiat currencies into something real. 

It’s also why countries are asking for their gold back.  Greg Hunter says it’s because they’re freaking.  Everybody’s freaking.  Behind the scenes what you’re seeing is big money freaking out.

Rob Kirby says it’s all like one big cliche.  “It’s like the cliche, you watch a duck go across the water, and it looks very graceful, but if you take a look underneath, an underwater view, you see those little webbed feet paddling like there’s no tomorrow,” Kirby says.

Perfect metaphor for our dying, hockey stick climbing fiat currency, fractional reserve, ponzi scheme financial system meltdown.  An underwater view of a duck paddling like there’s no tomorrow.