… And this brings us back to the missing $21 trillion from the U.S. government. Could it have been stolen to use against us by arming China financially and militarily, creating a new super global power?

And is that why both the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Economist have made a concerted effort to sway public opinion by publishing complementary articles saying the West has got China all wrong?

Could we really be misunderstanding China’s Communist leadership’s intent, politically, militarily, and financially, around the world? Or could it be that the Economist and CFR know that we know who financed China in the first place, knowing they were mortgaging the future of U.S. domestic and global economies and our families’ ability to survive.

When we look in the collective mirror, and we remove the mask, we know who it was. It was us.


In a recent interview with Greg Hunter investment counselor Catherine Austin Fitts says that we in the West were the ones who built this juggernaut known as the rising Asian middle class, knowing full well what we were doing. “We financed this juggernaut. In fact our Establishment has big equity positions in the success of the Chinese juggernaut,” she says.

Say what? That’s treasonous, isn’t it? To have had many people in the American Establishment over the last twenty years essentially take our pension fund money and our tax money, including the $21 trillion that flat out disappeared from the U.S. government never to be heard from again, and use it to bet against us?


For twenty years the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been pounding the drums in all ears that would listen about the fact lots of money has gone missing from the Department of Defense and HUD. It’s what they call “undocumentable adjustments” she says. Which presumably makes it legal to just make it all disappear and then forget about it and the taxpayers who pay for it. But people like Catherine Austin Fitts, Greg Hunter, Rob Kirby, and one Michigan State professor won’t allow it.

“So I had the missing money up to $12 trillion. And then I got a wonderful call from a Professor at Michigan State University, Dr. Mark Skidmore, really a very solid scholar, who said, Would it help if my graduate students and I surveyed all the documents on HUD and DOD to really ascertain what’s the state of the ‘undocumentable adjustments’? Because I had never done a complete survey,” Austin Fitts tells Greg Hunter.  A complete survey’s a big job.

But they did it and to Dr. Skidmore’s and his graduate students’ shock and amazement they came up with another missing $9 trillion to add to Austin Fitts’ already missing $12 trillion to make it a whopping total of $21 trillion missing. One of the reasons the number was so amazing was that at the time it was bigger than the entire U.S. debt.

So think of it this way, Austin Fitts says, we sell $5 trillion in Treasury Funds to our pension funds and then turn around and disappear the money out the back when the pension fund beneficiaries as taxpayers are liable for the $5 trillion. It’s a very neat laundering trick.

“So we published it,” Austin Fitts says. “The reaction was quite amazing.” And it still is.


Besides funding the rise of the Asian Empire Greg Hunter believes the $21 trillion could be funding a space force. Catherine Austin Fitts says the $21 trillion is doing more than that. It’s like the Joy of Cooking. There’s lots of recipes to be cooked when it comes to stolen trillions, especially when you’re talking about financing the secret government of the world.

“That’s a lot of money. You’re running a governance system and you’re running two civilizations out of one budget. So since World War II you’ve had a covert system that’s growing, growing, growing, and it’s doing lots of different things. It’s running the planet on a different governance system than what you think the official governance system is. $21 trillion is going to a lot of different places. There’s no simple magic bullet here. But I definitely think part of it is going into space,” Austin Fitts says.

To answer Hunter’s original question Austin Fitts says the U.S. government basically took the space program dark after former U.S. President Kennedy’s assassination. “And it’s continued, at least the funding, if not more. And to do that you’ve had to build a whole world of underground bases. If you look at the underground bases and transportation systems they built – you know it’s pretty impressive. We have been spending money on infrastructure in the United States, we just can’t see it,” she says.

High speed rails under the ground for hundreds of thousands of miles. Underground bases and transportation systems.  What do they all add up to? Why has the entire U.S. economy been stolen from us, with a good chunk of it diverted to a hidden underground program of interconnected bases and a space program?


Some believe the diverted trillions could have been converted to deal with some sort of global cataclysmic event fraught with serious geophysical risk. “We know throughout history we believe we’ve had – like Noah and the Flood – where basically civilization had almost gotten wiped out. So throughout the cycles of Earth, that we know, we’ve had times in our past where we’ve had huge geophysical risk that almost wiped civilization out. And the question is, Is there a reason?” she asks.

Those who grew up to witness the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s know the tentacles of hidden government can do some crazy things when it comes to finance. Radical changes of policies take place behind the curtain in Oz with nary an eye taking notice. Radical changes all designed to coalesce huge amounts of money under central control to do secret projects. But why? What’s that about?

“There is a reason the Establishment is behaving this way. I don’t know how the governance system on planet Earth is organized,” she says. “And I don’t know why they are shifting massive amounts of money out of the U.S. government and out of the U.S. economy and taking it dark. I can give you a lot of theories but I still don’t understand what happened.”

The missing trillions from our financial system have gone to fund the global Chinese land grab, underground military bases and high speed rail system, and maybe some kind of related “space force” possibly involving Mars, the Dark Side of the Moon, and mining the rings of Saturn.

Others say the missing funds support never ending war, the rape and exploitation of foreign lands, and the decimation of their peoples, the “useless eaters” of the world, as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once called them. Others say it funds terrorism, mind control, social engineering, and violent programming …

… Stealing Americans’ money to fund a shadow financial system. Satanic orgies of pedophilia. Obama’s ex French Guinea manicurist and the potential nuclear annihilation of 90% of humanity. There’s lots of places stolen trillions might be diverted to.