Since World War II we have been choking on a growing and ever pervading society of secrecy. Secrecy is engineered. It is an intentional consequence of social engineering and makes big money for certain individuals, multinational corporations, and banks.

Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts says, “A lot of the secrecy is engineered by turning classified government projects over to private corporations who then don’t have to report, don’t have to comply with the government.”

Foreign corporations and individuals are making massive amounts of money through a system of secrecy and rogue government agency collusion and it’s part of what’s keeping the stock markets so high, with the average person not understanding what’s keeping the stock markets so high. That’s fiat currency, fractional reserve, ponzi scheme central banking at it’s finest.

That’s the intentional part of the secrecy. To keep us dark about the truth in finance. But why? “Because you have massive amounts of covert money pumping up earnings and these operations,” Austin Fitts tells  That’s the way the USD related markets work. Smoke and mirrors machinations from behind the curtain.

And they don’t want us to know about it, at any time. Government, banks, and the media talking head pseudo economists are to blame for the curtain of lies in the land of central banking and balloon equities.

Catherine Austin Fitts speaks of the same type of thing happening in the 90s as she tried figuring out why elevator stocks and mining stocks were going up so high at the same time. It happened to coincide with a massive buildup of deep underground bases, tunnels, and railways all over the world.

“They’re not mining for metal they’re building the underground bases,” Austin Fitts confirms. “And they need lots of elevators.” That’s American enterprise working for your investment dollars.

One expert claimed that one of George H.W. Bush’s oil companies made all its money drilling missile silos out in the middle of the ocean for the ICBM missiles. That’s how our government really operates. That’s where taxpayers’ money goes and what they’re really doing to feed the financial system from the other side of the curtain in the central bank called Oz.

Rising elevators and mining stocks coincide with a growing part of the economy and us Americans have no shot at understanding the U.S. stock market unless we understand those hidden cash flows. Which of course are impossible to understand the way we’d like to because not only do we have to study up hard on this stuff but we’ve got to guess and estimate – because they’re not telling us what’s really going on – just to have a clue on how to help our families deal with it. But that’s exactly what we’ve got to figure out to have a chance to help our families survive.

“A guesstimation of all those cash flows and the intersection between Wall Street and Washington on the covert side is absolutely essential if you’re going to understand what’s going on,” Austin Fitts says.


The American population is probably more complicit in all this than we’d like to pretend. That’s because we like to hold the high moral ground until someone calls us on it. Then we like to dig our sequined heels in and argue about it. We like to believe we are good beneath all the shrouded mystery.

“You know, I want my check and I want the story of I am good, and I don’t want to know what’s really going on under the carpet,” Austin Fitts tells Greg Hunter, lifting the curtain exposing a little more painful truth. “So I have to tell you in my experience, the general population is more complicit than we want to admit.”

Greg Hunter doesn’t agree. He believes we’re not all complicit or there would be total secrecy. The conspiracy to keep truth secret is deep and big and huge, sure, but it’s not a total blackout.

“Where you’re right is the cost of secrecy is enormous. Now let me tell you why,” Austin Fitts says. “The cost of tyranny, the cost of oppression, the cost of Americans having lousy education, and all this control – it destroys so much wealth. That’s why I’m telling you if we had transparency and we stopped with the secrecy – in fact we could turn the red button green. We could make money pushing the red button because ultimately you can’t have a successful civilization with this kind of secrecy.”

She likens it to the stories of men with two families. One of the families is kept secret from the other, and he’s trying to make it all work from one budget. And everything gets so dysfunctional, and the lies get so dysfunctional that the destruction of productivity and human capital is enormous.

In America some call it divorce. So what’s the answer?


“My mantra has been transparency, transparency, transparency,” Austin Fitts says. “Transparency about the nuts and bolts, one county at a time.” And we must start this philosophy at home, here, now.

One county at a time.

Small business can make a lot of money. Communities used to do business with community banks that they trusted, who invested in their communities, and everyone grew from the relationship. That’s before the Fed took over all banking to siphon away most of the market share and profits from the communities and the individuals who live in them.

If you listen to what the Trump Administration is saying, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is saying, and President Trump is saying, they’re willing to give real power or greater power over to community banks and credit unions and local development. “And if that’s the case there’s a lot of wealth that can be created from the Make America Great Again plan,” she says. It’s time for our communities to make a return to this sound financial practice.

But it’s going to require bipartisan cooperation. Especially here in California, where we are divided on everything and argue about what we agree on.

“And the reason the divide and conquer gets pushed so much is that stops it (positive change). Because you need all three generations to realign and you need people on all different sides of the political spectrum to just get down in the trenches and start saying, How do we grow small business? How do we grow employment? How do we do it in a way that heals the environment and creates equity for the pension funds?” Austin Fitts asks. This is what we need community leaders and county supervisors discussing.

It’s all there to be done. But it requires cooperation. And that’s why the divide and conquer is so strong. Because the ubiquitous they want to keep us away from working with each other or talking to each other. That’s what multiculturalism and idol warship is all about. They want to close the mind. That’s what programming our children’s minds into a box full of false understanding is all about.

Our strength as a country has always been that we had an open mind when seeking solutions to difficult problems. We had a way of disagreeing but cooperating with each other enough to get things done. We need to return to that mindset.

“And that’s why we’ve got to overcome the divide and conquer because the opportunity is there,” Austin Fitts says. “It’s always been there.” We just have to find it, talk about it calmly and rationally amongst ourselves, solve it, and apply the correct solution, which begins in our communities, to the multitude of problems we face.

Great luck America. We’re going to need it. Our families’ lives depend upon it.