We know the missing trillions of U.S. dollars from our financial system have gone to fund the global Chinese land grab, underground military bases and high speed rail systems, and maybe some kind of related “Space Force”, possibly involving Mars, the Dark Side of the Moon, and mining the rings of Saturn.

But what’s really eye-popping in this ultra eye-popping Kafkaesque reality is America financially building up Asia while China builds up militarily, land grabs the world, and appears poised to ultimately come back and buy us too.

People in America don’t understand how serious things are getting in terms of the growth of Asia. It’s obvious by their actions that the Trump Administration understands what’s going on and he’s fighting to do something about it. This at a time when everyone in America is being hit hard financially.

And America’s middle class is vanishing.

According to howmuch.net, nearly half the workers in America earn less than $30,000 annually. The article entitled, America’s Middle Class is Vanishing. Nearly Half of Workers Earn Less than $30,000, says in further part:

“The U.S. economy is booming. Republicans think President Trump deserves much of the credit for cutting business and individual tax rates combined with a deregulation agenda. And Democrats believe former President Obama rightfully deserves ownership for America’s recovery. Regardless of who gets credit, our newest visualization of net compensation levels for American workers demonstrates that the economy is indeed delivering, but not for as many people as the headlines would have you believe.”

It’s happening right now in real time as America and the world experience the hit by a financial tsunami that we’re not being told about and we don’t understand. But we need to understand why it’s happening, who created it, and how to change the tide to our favor before America is relegated to third world status.


Investment adviser and former Assistant Secretary to HUD Catherine Austin Fitts says we can begin to understand by looking deeper at what the Chinese are doing around the globe, especially at home here in America. “There are 50 million Chinese who are living overseas,” Austin Fitts says on USAwatchdog.com.  “My prediction is what’s about to happen – the ‘National Security State’ is swinging in big operations into the Coasts (of America). Eventually it’ll move into the Heartland. But for now I think the big move is into California and the East Coast. And it’s coming in from Asia. And they’re going to swing in tons of high IQ professionals.”

The thing that’s been squeezing Americans the most is very high income investors and people moving in from Asia and buying Americans out of house and home. It’s both Indians and Chinese – and it’s across the Asian spectrum – and the world. And you have people who have made a fortune on the rise of Asia. And they too are moving into the United States. And you also have tremendous IT and other high tech talent. And it’s being recruited to come in. And you’ll see that grow significantly as well, and we’re not being invited to the party. Right now financially it’s all about China and Asia.

“And so Asia is rising and they’ve only begun to go up the S curve.  So you’re talking about incomes. If the average income in China say is $15,000, but is ultimately going to converge with the U.S. and the Developed World – you know you’re talking about an explosion in the middle class,” Austin Fitts says.

Right now the Chinese population is 1.4 billion. India is 1.3 billion. India is expected to pass China as the world most populous nation, if they haven’t already.

AI and automation are changing the way the entire global financial system is structured. By 2030, in just 11 more years, Asia is expected to have a middle class of over three billion people.

“So you’re talking about a middle class in Asia that’s going to be ten times the middle class in the U.S.,” Austin Fitts says. The European middle class is expected to be twice the size of America’s. For many decades the American consumer was the center of the global economy, but that mantle has officially been passed, while Americans are in the process of being completely passed over.