So you’re in the northeast of Syria and you’ve been paid to drive an ISIS armored Jeep and told that you fight for the terrorist organization.  Cool, no problem, right. 

Because at home you got an ISIS Jihadi bride or three and 50 metric tons of cool gold bars burning a hole in your desert garage basement that’s worth roughly $2.13 billion in a hungry global precious metal market that you’re dying to smuggle out of the country. 

You’ve plundered this booty fair and square through your self-proclaimed “caliphate” as you spread your reign of terror across Syria and Iraq.  Only problem is you’re now locked down in one of the last pockets of remaining ISIS fighters, and you’re facing imminent defeat.  Which could mean death.  Or worse.

Or so you’ve been told by Uncle Sam who just showed up wearing the American Stars and Stripes of the U.S. Army.  He wants to know where your sweet stolen stash of gold is.

And if you don’t tell him Uncle Sam gives you an offer you cannot refuse. America will give you and your families of murderous terrorists safe passage out of Syria but we get to keep the 50 tons of gold.  It’s got to be America’s anyway, right, because we’ve got bigger guns and you just ran out of time. 

And they wonder why 2,000 American soldiers never left Syria in the first place.


The above scenario has to be playing out in a movie, right?  There’s no way the U.S. Army would have the gall to just show up and snake 50 metric tons of gold belonging to someone else, right?

Under the heading you just can’t make this stuff up, it is happening right now as the U.S. military removes tons of gold and ships it to financial destinations as yet unnamed publicly.

According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, reports from local sources in the Syrian al-Jazeera area center on a gold deal having been struck between the United States and the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization.

Sources said that the area where Daesh leaders and members had barricaded themselves contains around 40 tons of gold and tens of millions of dollars which had been stolen from various areas in Syria and Iraq by the terror organization, and now they need a safe home.

That’s why U.S. forces in the Syrian al-Jazeera area made the deal with the devil wearing Daesh khakis, by which Washington gets 50 tons of gold that they claim the terror organization had stolen in exchange for providing safe passage for the terrorists and their leaders from the areas in Deir Ezzor where they are located.

According to the BBC this will ensure the survival and freedom of many top ISIS leaders and a number of foreign fighters.  Does this mean that Washington and ISIS leaders are somehow in collusion on the matter?

This is exactly what both Syrian and Russian media have long alleged: that contrary to Washington’s claims that it is waging a war on the extremist group, it is actually collaborating with them in myriad ways.

In a recent article entitled Raqqa’s Dirty Secret the BBC describes details of a secret deal that allowed hundreds of IS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the U.S. and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

The article says, “A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters.”  Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey, and who knows where from there.


The BBC article doesn’t mention a single word about the gold.

Their focus of course being on the aspect of terrorists spreading across the world – which is unbelievably huge in itself – not who might be the legal owner of the 50 tons of gold.  The same gold that the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah cites eyewitness accounts of U.S. Army helicopters flying under cover of darkness while transporting large boxes full of Daesh “spoils,” specifically gold, from al-Dashisha area in the southern countryside of Hasaka.  The gold was reportedly transported from the U.S. military base in Kobani, and will now be transported back to the United States.


The Syrian sources described “tens of tons” of gold that Daesh had been keeping in their last hotbed in al-Baghouz area in Deir Ezzor countryside that have been handed to the Americans, adding up to other tons of gold that Americans have found in other hideouts for Daesh, making the total amount of gold taken by the Americans to the U.S. around 50 tons, leaving only scraps for the SDF militias that serve them.

Meanwhile, sources indicate 40 tons of gold bullion stolen by Daesh terrorists from Iraq’s Mosul province was also taken by U.S. forces.  Is that 90 tons of stolen gold just in these two articles alone?  If so, who’s behind it?


But, wait a minute, could it be us?  Didn’t former U.S. President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton start ISIS in the first place?  And could the Democrats have been far behind?  Donald Trump thought so and doubled down by saying as much on a conservative radio show before he became U.S. President.

So if ISIS on rampage really did stumble upon the gold hidden and buried out there deep under a mile of desert sands and wind, and we created ISIS, and we are the U.S. Army, aren’t we just stealing the gold from ourselves? And how did the 50 tons of gold happen to get into Syria with another 40 tons allegedly whisked out of Iraq in the first place?  And then who stole it first?  Before the U.S. Army and before ISIS?  Was it really Daesh terrorists, who were created by a previous American administration?  And doesn’t Syria, Iraq, or the true owners of the gold have a legal say-so in the matter as well?  Where are they now?  Or is it all just another case of “American War Booty” disappearing into the U.S. Treasury as precious metal analyst and advisor Gerrit Visser calls it?