The Chinese Communist Technocracy says it’s not messing around with America anymore. Thousands of ships have been brought into service to support the Chinese operations in the East and South China Seas. They routinely harass and interfere with ships of the United States Navy and other navies, says Thomas Mackie at

The Chinese military has declared it will crush Donald Trump’s military if it dare flex its muscles in the South China Sea. China has alarmed members of the Pentagon by developing and unveiling to the world a terrifying hypersonic railgun.  Experts call it a “revolutionary weapon” which should give Beijing an edge in naval combat and controlling global ceilings.

On the other side of Asia, Russia has tested its new Avangard missile defense system. The Avangard hypersonic glider can circle the Earth in 30 minutes. They can maneuver while flying allowing them to avoid anti-missile defenses, which is not thrilling Pentagon officials.

Besides the Avangard system, other Russian weapons that keep Western military officials sleepless at night include the Kinzhal missiles, ‘New’ White Swans, upgraded Yasen-class attack submarines, and stealth technology for Borei-class subs.

China’s technology mixed with Russian advances in Magrav Technology makes a very good case that there will be a large conflict in the world very soon. That’s one reason the U.S. has recently pulled out of the INF Treaty, experts say. It’s because we need to catch up militarily, they say.

One military and financial expert predicts this new weapons race will start or instigate a major conflict via ‘Deep State’ naval operatives who will create a major international “incident” as a last ditch effort “to keep control of what they can and getting rid of (U.S. President Donald) Trump.”

The timing and shape of the financial collapse couldn’t be coincidental with all this military muscle flexing by the world powers, could it? Can we the people continue to face the debasement of our fiat currency, fractional reserve, ponzi scheme financial system before we have a new gold backed currency replace it? Before getting vaporized by Asian superpowers in a hotly contested 30 minute World War III?

Our problem as investors trying to save for our families is we just don’t know. We need to make an intelligent assessment of geopolitical events, but we don’t have access to that kind of information. And why is that? Who’s running this financial show anyway?


Many experts agree the future of the financial system is in great part a military equation. Investment adviser Catherine Austin Fitts says the U.S. dollar as reserve currency has a lot more endurance. The former Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says, “It could go another five years if the military works the right way.”

If the military works the right way it could go another ten years. Austin Fitts tells Greg Hunter, “Part of it depends on what the government structure wants to do.”


Everything we’re seeing going on in the world right now is being orchestrated by those who pull the global financial strings. But they’re running out of time and options. Opposing global financial forces are playing a big part in all this. This whole Kabuki Theater back and forth final act is truly about one thing: the financial future of our country.

It’s all about who’s going to control the new global financial system. “Clearly they want a reset and introduce a new currency and financial system,” Austin Fitts explains to “I think that’s clearly where it’s going. But it’s all part of the governance system. You can’t understand the financial system without understanding the governance system. And so the governance issues are being worked out, while digital currencies are being prototyped. So clearly we’re headed into a new currency world and it’s part of new control systems.”

But can we be sure about that? As investors for our family’s future can we know for sure that we need to invest in alternative assets that are not tied into the success or lack thereof of the U.S. dollar?

The answer to the question is that we really don’t know for sure, do we? “The answer is, We don’t know.” Austin Fitts says. “And my fear with many commentators is they’re underestimating the power and endurance of the system. And I’m always getting yelled at because people think I’m pro empire. But I’m not saying I’m pro empire or for the things that they’re doing to keep it going but the game has a lot more juice in it to keep it going if the leadership stays sufficiently aligned and makes it happen.”

So is it going to take the introduction of a new U.S. dollar backed by gold to save America?

Catherine Austin Fitts, who has handled billions in assets when she worked for the U.S. government, a woman who understands big money and big numbers, someone who ‘Deep State’ tried to bankrupt and kill off – a woman who has been telling the world about how someone was siphoning off trillions of U.S. dollars out of the government and taking massive amounts of it dark, believes its possible we’re being forced into a new financial system right now. To a certain degree.

“Here’s the thing. Even if they introduce a new gold backed dollar market share, they’re very unlikely to do a big bank thing,” she says. “Those guys, they’re prototypers. So if they do a Treasury Dollar backed by gold, you know they’ll do a small thing. They’ll play with it, they’ll test it. Just watch Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies. These are all prototypes.”

Those behind the creation of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are all building the technology, and they are developing the technology and platform that they use to figure out what the central banks are ultimately going to do the next time around. When it’s time for the first reset.


When you look at the size and the liquidity of the Treasury market and the dollar, the problem with the dollar is it’s dominant but it’s dangerous. Because what if it does fail? What if no one in the world accepts it, and inflation drops its value to close to nothing. Then what will we have to fall back on to conduct business, buy cars or pay rent?

There’s nothing there to take over in its place, Austin Fitts says. That’s why she studies very carefully “what are all the efforts by the Europeans, by the Russians, by the Chinese, to build alternative systems.” It’s there to understand if we do the research.

“So the question is, how do you build global financial liquidity around SWIFT and around the dollar?” she asks Greg Hunter. “That’s a lot harder and takes a lot longer to do. The problem is if you look at the last five years the Chinese, the Russians, and now the Europeans are doing it. And it’s always small while they’re figuring it out. Test it and get it working. And BAM! It goes up the S curve.”

Could this be the new cryptocurrency financial system that Jim Sinclair and Gerrit Visser say is soon going to take up temporary residence in an effort to replace the declining U.S. dollar? They both say it too will fail, leading to a second financial reset that will include gold backed currencies by those countries who own the gold. Legally.

Can we then expect a new crypto reserve currency from this new financial system to be introduced that will replace the Federal Reserve Note? And will it be gold backed? And is it likely to happen soon?

Austin Fitts doesn’t believe so. She believes our government has failed to make a positive impression upon the world, with whom we want to do business, so it’s going to take some time.

“The American people pay a great deal of money and a great deal of opportunity cost to fund a Congress to go do the business of running the government,” she says on “And what we’ve managed to do – all of us together – for the last two years is make a complete fool of ourselves in front of the world.”

That’s what we’ve managed to do. And the reality is as long as you can print money you can run an unproductive operation. Our representatives from the U.S. House and Senate are living examples of this.

“And this doesn’t just apply to Congress. This applies to the whole country,” says Austin Fitts. “You know as a country we have permitted our economy and our culture to be debased by rich subsidy.”

Unfortunately for us there’s a heavy cost to pay when living on subsidy. We have literally become a highly unproductive Soviet economy in many respects. And the former Assistant Secretary to HUD argues the reality is we’ve continued to behave that way for the last two years, and Congress has been the leader of that kind of bad behavior. You just have to watch their bad behavior at President Trump’s recent State of the Union speech to get a clear understanding of what she’s talking about.

Why are they doing it? Is it because they’re trying to obfuscate the truth from the American people?

Austin Fitts believes so. “I don’t know if you saw, Tucker Carlson gave a great speech out in San Francisco,” she says. “He was doing his book tour. He was at the Independent Institute. And he said, You know, people hate Trump because he names it, and he’s right.

That’s what Austin Fitts and many Americans like most about Trump. He brings us more transparency than any political leader in a long time, and the loud voices of those from the left of extreme liberalism can’t stand hearing it.

“Because if you look at how far we’ve gotten away from fundamental productivity – it’s very frightening,” Austin Fitts concludes. And nobody wants to hear it. Trump keeps bringing it up, telling us why the country is the way it is, and they can’t stand having the truth shoved right down their screaming throats.