If you’ve been following the mainstream financial news intent on finding something, anything, substantive or helpful about gold or the way the global financial system really operates you probably realize by now you’re living in a fairy tale with lots of colorful balloons and dancing clowns bouncing their way down a golden brick road.  You’ve hooked in to the wrong frequency searching for the right information and you might have more luck finding truth at the black jack table in Las Vegas.

The mainstream financial stories are intended to provide us with a glimpse of financial reality to hook us into the many layers of  meaningless fill and misdirection.  Just like when the Wall Street Journal tries to spin financial supposition into political fact by describing Italian populists as entering the game of big banking by attempting to seize the country’s central bank and gold reserves. 

Those gold reserves are actually owned by the country, not by he central bank who are merely custodians of the depositors’ assets.  It’s simply a fake twist by big media on what’s really going on inside.

Reuters and Bloomberg do the same thing, painting a picture of the Venezuelan government as being one step ahead of their Southern European counterparts by seizing their claim to national precious metals, informing us that Venezuela removed their gold from the central bank and sold it. 

Again, it must be noted the gold is the actual legal property of the country, not the central bank, and they have a legal right to move it or sell it should they so decide.  Such gold of course is always subject to seizure by radicals, revolutionaries, or even terrorists should they be allowed to gain sufficient power in their efforts to oust the sitting government.

From the East, the Russian media plays the game as well as any with Sputnik news describing India as adding to their gold reserves, which follows both Russia and China who ramped up their gold purchases in 2019 to unparalleled levels.  The U.S. too is described as getting our fair take in the gold wars game with the U.S. Army being described by many international publications as whisking ‘tens of tons’ of gold out of Syria, all while Bitcoin writes that the world’s leading banks help launder $2 trillion a year. Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.  And so we ask what does all of this have to do with the price of gold in China?  And what is the mass media really trying to tell us?

The answer is an astounding … nothing.  And everything. 


To the masses these headlines and narratives obliquely referencing important gold or central banking fact are little more than financial fodder aimed to be swallowed whole (by us) while filling the propaganda agenda of the lapdog media who intentionally keep us looking in the wrong financial direction.  From a sideways perspective these meaningless headlines followed by empty narratives are intended to cover up the truth of what they really should be reporting on in the first place. 

The articles we see making up daily headlines in newspapers or on the internet, or by CNN or Fox News, in no way are intended to make it an issue for discussion that the price of gold is suppressed beyond all reasonable logic.  You’ll never hear this brought up in the mainstream.  At best the legacy media lapdogs to “Deep State” give us tiny shaded parcels of dissociated information, compared to what is otherwise a gigantic sometimes infinite jigsaw puzzle tapestry that envelopes the entire history of precious metals versus central banking, and we’re supposed to make intelligent financial decisions based on it.

The problem for us as members of the masses has always been the easy manipulation of our minds and our undying belief in the integrity of the mainstream financial news organizations who deceive us for their greater benefit at all times.

We invest our family’s wellbeing and financial livelihood on what they tell us is the next best financial truth.  But we never seem to have the time in our overburdened lives – the overburden aspect being a part of ‘the system’ – to study the hidden truth of how the machinery that in secret manipulates all markets works, the things MNBC and Fox News won’t research or report on.  All the financial news organizations tell us is that Italy wants their gold back but you’ll never hear the mainstream narrative speak of Italian economist Mario Draghi who serves as President of the European Central Bank (ECB), or who might have leased the gold Italy’s populists are chasing in incorrect belief it belongs to the Italian central bank, and what any of that might have had to do with Mario Draghi becoming ECB president in the first place. 

It’s all fodder and cracked mirrors aimed to mislead the masses and adds up to nothing that would substantively help our families.  We get no more solid information from the mainstream on how to set up our family finances so we can save enough money in today’s “record economy” so our children will one day be able to attend college than we would from a street sign outside our bathroom window pointing straight to ‘Las Vegas’ telling us to play a ‘slot machine’.  Close your eyes, spin and hope.  That’s what it’s like investing in today’s market based on what the media financial talking heads tell us. 

No matter how we look at it it’s a gamble in that environment.  Some of us never learn the truth of how fixed the game really is – at how virtually every market recognized by the global financial system is totally rigged like one giant Las Vegas casino.  The real information is controlled and played close to the vest by those who play the game from the inside.  They’re all soulless Gordon Gekkos from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, telling the young Bud’s of the world,  “If you’re not on the inside, you’re on the outside, okay?!”

Okay.  And most of us are kept on the outside.  That’s why we in America who question the official narrative regarding whether the U.S. has any gold in its reserves have to ask what the real inside story is regarding the U.S. Army stealing, or as the media likes to call it, seizing, 50 tons of golden war booty” that the media says was stolen by ISIS, and try to figure out who really owns it and whether they’re flying that “war booty” to the U.S. Treasury or if the U.S. Army is dropping it off at the nearest Federal Reserve branch rooftop helipad.

Precious metals analyst and adviser Gerrit Visser says much of the “tens of tons” of stolen American “war booty” from Syria is actually owned by the world’s largest secret private gold trust, and it was flown straight to the U.S., refined in an American gold refinery, delivered to central banks and sold to “unnamed” nations in Asia, through Hong Kong.  But we the masses are never allowed to know this because all we get is the media telling us the gold was flown out of Syria by U.S. Army helicopters under cover of darkness.  That’s it.  No substantive mainstream narrative follow up and no transparency in the work of the U.S. military or the central banks or accountability to American Tax payers from either player.

Gold is the lifeblood to Western central banking’s future and that’s why there are such tremendous efforts to keep the precious metal’s truthful history hidden and it’s value under control.  Someone somewhere, or a whole group of someone’s is working very hard to continuously keep gold and other precious metals undervalued.  This affects the global economy and anyone who invests in any U.S. dollar backed market.  In fact, all markets benefit from the suppression of gold to one degree or another.  To accomplish this, tremendous secrecy and deception are required by the media and certain members of the banking community and government.