Free speech is under attack like never before.  This is greatly influenced by authoritarians in Silicon Valley who are more powerful than most nations.  That power is being used to control what we know and how we think. 

The controlling machinery does what it can to censor our blogs here at GOLD WARS in an effort to silence the voice of God in finance, also known as the true history of gold’s place in the global financial system. 

In other words, the battle to financial central banking death on this planet is being waged right now between the fiat central banking system as we know it on the one hand, and the present build up to a future global gold backed financial system on the other, and the powers that be in central banking are working diligently toward keeping that from happening and to suppress the truth of it from reaching us.  The powers that be are working overtime to suppress all truth, and we’re caught in the middle of all of it. 

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson speaks volumes to this fight for freedom of truth by asking some important questions in her May 3rd tech giant attack tweet.

Attkisson attack tweet:  “When did we decide, as Americans, that it’s ok fo govt & 3d parties to censor/ curate our info? That we cannot be trusted with unfiltered info? That we shd only be able to find info that *they* tell us is true on matters that are opinion or in legitimate dispute? When did we quit teaching/understanding that free speech means protecting the distasteful, lest we open the door for govt/3d parties to decide that whatever they oppose is “distasteful” and therefore to be banned.”

We need to protect the truth at all costs and allow it to expand in the marketplace of ideas, or it will be stomped into the face of silence forever by forces that are trying very hard to do so.  It’s going to be one or the other.  Truth in all forms battle for its life.  This is the new reality we live in, Jim Hoft writes at The Gateway Pundit. 

“If you challenge global warming, radical Islam, support Donald Trump, question the deep state and liberal media then you will be censored, shadowbanned or eliminated entirely from thee public square,” Hoft writes.  Same thing if you try to bring out the truth of gold and its importance in the shaping of the new global financial system.  The gold backed financial system that’s growing from the East that they’re not telling us about here in the Western media.

Continuous attempts are made to silence our voice here at GOLD WARS because we are helping to bring to the surface major truths as to the deep corruption of our present fiat currency, fractional reserve, ponzi scheme financial system, and the history and truth of gold’s suppression and theft that has kept it out of the reach of the average man, and how that affects us more deeply now than we might realize.  The affect gold is going to have on our family’s future finances is basically incomprehensible to most people.

It is so profound international financial spies are talking about it with innocuous lines embedded in quasi-news releases like the recent RV/Intelligence Alert entitled “Gold”, where in a small section toward the bottom of the article embedded neatly in a financial news sandwich, between talk of the “US-China Trade War” and the “plunging stock market”, it reads, “A full audit of U.S. gold reserves is expected soon.”

Now, you couldn’t necessarily buy a cup of coffee for $5 and that kind of general non-informed information, however, this does touch upon an important subject matter we’ve written about extensively here at GOLD WARS, as we attempt to flesh out truth of whether we in fact have any gold here in U.S. reserves. 

Gold promises to continue to dominate headlines and dictate global finances more than at any time in history, and people are going to have the opportunity to learn that throughout history gold has controlled global finances, even as it was being viciously and continuously attacked, controlled, and neutralized by government and central banking collusion. 

Gold always either controls the financial system or the precious metal is controlled and suppressed by the financial system into near non existence.  Gold is the central theme of all financial system equations at all times, no matter how you argue it.  The ancient financial axiom holds as true today as it did in the time of King Solomon:

He who controls the gold rules the world.

That’s why the intelligence assets embedded in the “fake news” media make such an effort to hide or misshape the truth about gold’s manipulation and history.  “The plan is to show the world how important gold is and how it affects the global economy,” the RV/Intelligence Alert article says.  The problem is it’s never enough of the truth of how critical gold is and will be in solving many of today’s global financial ills.

The key is whose truth are you going to listen to while many voices are being silenced by the purge of reason through high tech collusion.  By silencing our voices, the truth of the corruption that flourishes behind the central bank dominated financial system will continue to operate against our collective well-being.  Humanity will not be free unless we win this battle.  And we’re going to have to fight to win it.


There is secrecy underlying the gold narrative that if known could significantly affect investors or those working away their lives trying to keep a roof over their families’ heads.  Clues are difficult to find but they are available to those willing to dig deep enough.

Some people like Chris Powell and GATA are working to bring transparency to the deep secret financial truth regarding the suppression of gold prices.  The Treasurer and Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) also happens to be a newspaper columnist in Connecticut, who works diligently at getting the U.S. government to come clean about massive financial market manipulations. 

Powell says our financial system is definitely controlled and manipulated by government and central bank insiders.  Gold and other assets generally cannot be valued accurately or even valued at all without first taking into account the “largely surreptitious intervention in the markets by governments and central banks,” Powell says.  Surreptitious intervention that lately has become almost comprehensive around the world because it is a concerted effort involving the central banking system and all world governments.


Holding the U.S. government accountable for anything is not an easy task.  Making them fess up to massive fraud and corruption is almost impossible.  But there are some who dare try to accomplish the unthinkable. 

Powell says GATA has hit a stone wall of silence in seeking governmental financial accountability.  “Presumably, the U.S. Treasury is secretly trading in any number of markets and refuses to say which markets they are,” Powell says in an interview with internet journalist savant Greg Hunter.

The idea that a governmental agency like the U.S. Treasury does anything secretly is a disturbing thought in and of itself, but in this case the fact they’re accused of “secretly trading in any number of markets” presents many disturbing questions.  Like, how many markets does the U.S. Treasury secretly control?  Six?  Half the global markets?  All the markets?  And maybe most importantly, does the U.S. Treasury control the price of gold?


Chris Powell and GATA specifically work toward bringing transparency to the manipulation of gold futures.  This whole concept has recently been put to the test as the gold futures market recently experienced a major hit toward the price control of gold.

In his interview with Chris Powell, Greg Hunter at describes an example where out of nowhere someone recently just dumped a billion dollars on the gold futures market “in two minutes”.

Most of us are too busy to understand the significance of this giant dump, or to even realize that the gold market took a major hit, or the difference between gold futures and gold bullion.  But those who invest in the financial marketplace are directed to know nothing about financial market manipulation or to think that such dumps are natural.  So we’re told to stay away from gold, that the precious metal is not a good investment, and that it’s okay that the mainstream media ignores it all anyway. 

Which is how the game is rigged to be played.  The central media financial talking heads ignore the truth while suppressing voices like GOLD WARS and GATA, who fight through many layers of control, to keep the truth about gold and the financial system alive and prosperous in the minds of those who want to effectuate positive change. 

The media financial talking heads get us ducking to the right, while they uppercut us with as many lefts to the chin as they can get in.  “None of the mainstream press, Fox Business, or CNBC, or anybody else, will even say, ‘Wow, somebody dumped a billion dollars on the market to drive the price down’,” Hunter says.  “So they (the masses) could lose some money.”

And we continue to lose money at just about every turn, and it promises to get worse for those who aren’t paying attention and adapting to the quickly changing global financial environment. 

What can we do about it to protect our families? 


Chris Powell and GATA are going straight after the jugular of the specific governmental agencies that protect the corrupt financial scheme.  They’re trying to force change through transparency. 

Government works hand in foot with central banking and the “fake news” media to remove gold from the banking system so those who benefit from the corruption of a fiat system can build a derivative world of fractional reserve ponzi scheme fraudulently produced wealth.  Through the mass media and high tech they control all talking points in every avenue of research – and we’re talking about all libraries of stockpiled information – and they frame the discussion as to whether it is true fact there is much more unrecorded gold in the world than the information controlling machinery is willing to allow for public contemplation.

The global financial scheme has changed forever, we’re just not being told about it, which means our nation will be adapting to the transformation very slowly.  What we’re witnessing take place around the world financially and politically is the last gasps of a dying system based on fiat currency, being milked for everything it’s worth by the Trump Administration, as another system, one that is gold backed, takes over one country at a time from a parallel universe across the planet.  Think Russia and secret “Sovereign” institutional banking as a starting point to an alternative financial reality.  Which is all transforming in kaleidoscopic proportions right before our eyes, which we’re going to have to keep our eyes on, because one day we’re going to have to become a part of it.

It is important to get our minds around the fact there is much more gold in the world than we’re being told exists, and it is going to dramatically affect our children’s future.  It already has as it fundamentally affects our present by taking away from us what should be a more prosperous, better proportionately balanced financial system that was originally intended to benefit humanity as a whole – history to which the media has become amnesic.

The true and official unrecorded figures and legal structure and ownership of a majority of the world’s precious metals has never been allowed to surface in modern text, but the subtext of that truth is finally beginning to creep to the surface of collective consciousness, from a world shrouded in Top Secrecy.  Many of those gold holdings that are secretly, gradually being returned to their true sovereign institutional owners have throughout history been stolen by central banks through wars, terrorism, and government corruption, then utilized as social tools to control the state of humanity across the planet.  The central banks who are always the central player will take the golden booty that results therefrom and transport it to gold refineries, remelt it, and launder it through Wall Street banks, who turn it into their own institutional assets.  Which is all happening right now in record numbers, as central banks prepare to offset their balance sheets when fiat dollar value all but disappears into the sunset of irrelevance and gold takes over the world of finance.