Is it possible to secretly control the price of gold or silver futures?  If so, is it legal?

The Secretary / Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) believes it can be and is.  And it’s all a big secret and starts with the Gold Reserve Act of 1934

Chris Powell says, “We’ve long construed the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 to authorize the Treasury Department, through the Exchange Stabilization Fund, to intervene secretly in any market in the world.”

Those are fighting words.  GATA is a whistleblower on steroids going after central banks and the U.S. government for suppressing U.S. futures markets, the precious metals market in particular.  GATA has been working diligently to get the U.S. government to come clean about massive market manipulations. 

GATA says they have hit a stone wall of silence.  This leads their Secretary / Treasurer to conclude the U.S. Treasury is secretly trading in a any number of markets and refuses to say which markets they are.

“I heard a U.S. Attorney move for a Summary Judgment dismissal of our lawsuit, saying, without admitting the U.S. government was rigging the markets as we complained in our lawsuit, he said the U.S. government does claim the power to do what our lawsuit complained of, and that was to secretly rig the markets,” says Chris Powell to Greg Hunter on  “I think we have established this now to the satisfaction of any reasonable person.”


There is a lot of surreptitious intervention in financial markets going on, says Powell.  “Especially since the CME Group, which operates the major futures exchanges in the United States, has just renewed what it calls its central bank incentive program, which gives enormous volume trading discounts to governments and central banks for surreptitiously trading all the futures markets in the United States …  So we know the CME group has created a mechanism for secret trading by the U.S. government and other governments to get discounts in all the futures trading they do in the United States.”


On January 22, 2018, the Secretary / Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee wrote an article that appeared on entitled, Details Emerge Of Just How Big Of A ‘Volume Discount’ Govts & Central Banks Get by CME Group, describing what those discounts are.

So, exactly how big are those discounts governments and central banks are getting? 

“Central banks and governments that are secretly trading futures contracts in the United States on CME Group exchanges qualify for discounts ranging from 7 percent for two-year U.S. Treasury futures to 15 percent for gold and silver futures to 60 percent for Eurodollar futures,” Chris Powell says.

Could this create an issue of insider trading on precious metals futures? 

Powell believes so.  That’s because central banks and governments receiving these trading discounts cannot trade directly but must use CME Group clearing member firms for their trades.  This raises “the question of whether those clearing members are able to trade for their own accounts on the basis of inside information from central banks, creators of infinite money,” Powell says.


What rigging the futures markets in precious metals has done is generate a lot of demoralization in the sector right now.  People questioning why they should even stay in gold, silver, and other precious metals.  The reason to stay is because these manipulations will not last forever. 

“Typically at some point these manipulations do fail,” Powell says to  “This one has been going on a lot longer than previous manipulations because it’s been using the futures market which requires dishording a lot less government metal to maintain the manipulation.  But at some point it will fail.”


There will come a day where the markets are again liberated.  “There is certainly an enormous uncoverable short position in the monetary metals.  It’s being underwritten by Western governments’ central banks.  Very possibly Eastern governments as well,” Powell says.

History points to an eventual correction in the precious metals secret regulation business.  “At some point, as happened with the London Gold Pool in 1968, the metal that they’re prepared to lose will run out and I think the governments and central banks will revalue gold probably to reliquify themselves after they have rebuilt their reserves,” Powell says.


There are certainly indications out there that the tide is turning in favor of our eventual implementation of a global gold standard. 

On April 1, 2019, Basel III kicked in giving gold a tier 1 asset classification where banks can now value gold at 100% on their books as opposed to 50% on their books.

This is a good sign that more people are becoming aware of gold’s financial potential and want to own it.  “It’s certainly a proclamation by the Bank for International Settlements that gold is a superior financial asset.  That it is as good as cash.  It’s as good as sovereign government bonds,” Powell says.

The United States has finally appeared to recognize gold as a superior asset.  But now Basel III has created a worldwide standard set by the BIS that will more than likely encourage commercial banks to obtain more gold for their balance sheets.

“I wouldn’t say it’s going to change the world overnight, but it is a proclamation by the highest international monetary authorities that gold is as good as cash,” Powell says.  “It’s as good as any other financial asset.”  The reality is, in the long term, there will be nothing better.


One of the issues that’s going to have to be attacked to eliminate the fix on precious metals is addressing the failure of the mass media to accurately portray the truth of what’s taking place in the financial marketplace.  A good example was the recent ten minute $1 billion-dollar flash crash that drove down gold prices, and nobody even knew about it because the media failed to cover it.

“I’m concerned by the refusal of the mainstream financial news organizations to cover these most blatant interventions,” Powell says.  “I don’t think the great power of central banking anymore is their power to create and deploy infinite money in secret, I think their greatest power and advantage right now is simply the refusal of the financial press to cover what they’re doing.”

This is where GOLD WARS:  TRUE HISTORY OF GOLD AND THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM runs head on into the machinery that is the matrix.  Our words have been censored across the world by the financial powers that be, from China to the Silicon Valley.  The financial media has become little more than propaganda mouthpieces for central banking.  Even famed investor Robert Kiyosaki says it’s all financial fakery, including the assets, money, and teachers.

There are markets out there that beg to learn the verity of their true value.  That’s one reason they read GOLD WARS.  If the media were to learn to tell the truth about surreptitious government intervention in the markets it would have a positive impact on the global economy.

Of course one issue that will have to be dealt with regarding the lifting the veil of financial secrecy and halting the manipulation of the metals market is whether this would lead to the demise of the U.S. dollar as we know it? 

Chris Powell believes it will affect the entire world.  “I think all currencies would probably devalue against the monetary metals if there was less intervention against the monetary metals,” the GATA representative tells Greg Hunter  “It also depends on the other markets that were still being intervened in.”


We know from Chris Powell that through the CME Group Central Bank Incentive Program central banks are eligible to get discounts for trading all major futures contracts in the United States. That includes, for instance, all agricultural futures contracts. 

Now why would central banks want to trade agricultural futures contracts?

Chris Powell says it would have to do with being part of a greater scheme at suppressing commodity prices in favor of financial asset prices.

Does Chris Powell really believe this is all one giant conspiracy to control prices?  “It is a conspiracy to maintain the control over the world of the financial class,” he tells Greg Hunter.  “The governors of the Bank of International Settlements meet every month in Basel Switzerland.  You know, by definition, that is conspiracy.”

Those are the representatives of all the major central banks of the world and they hold secret meetings every month to decide how they’re going to coordinate their interventions in the markets. 

Powell sites a speech given many years ago by William White, who was the monetary and economic director of the BIS.  “White admitted that one of the four major purposes of international central bank cooperation was to influence asset prices, especially gold and foreign exchange,” Powell says.

So these guys are meeting every month in Switzerland.  They have their secret monthly meetings, but you’re not invited and I’m not invited.  That is by definition ‘conspiracy’.  Powell says, “When government officials gather in secret to formulate and execute a course of action – that is the definition of conspiracy.”

This won’t become conspiracy fact until the public is invited into the meetings of the governors of the Bank of International Settlements and other central banks, Silicon Valley and China begin to let truth out into the world, and the central banks and the financial media start reporting financial truth accurately.