Most financial experts worth their grain of salt say ‘a financial crash is coming’.  So what are we going to do to save our families amidst this death defying financial crisis we’re being assaulted with? 

Everywhere we read everything financially is down.  Stocks tumble in China, saved at the last minute by a panicked injection of liquidity.  The German Bund inches nearer record lows.  U.S. stocks, S&P, Nasdaq, and Dow battle desperately to stay above the red.  Panic buying rules the market.  More pain in sight for stocks.  Treasury yields tumble.  Ten year yields break down.  The yield curve slumps back to cycle lows.  The dollar is flat, yuan is down, and Bitcoin skyrockets above $9,000 for the first time in over a year before the bottom falls out of all ‘cryptoworld’.  The real story is that the world economy is sinking into a recession and we the people with families to feed just keep getting hammered with little hope of a reversal of financial fortunes.

The only reason the economy reads well in the mainstream media is because we keep dumping liquidity into it.  Our last hope for survival is to print the issue away, the central banks tell us.

The problem with this philosophy is we’ve reached the end because money equals debt and expanding credit in a “credit-saturated economy” only sets up for “cascading defaults”, says financial writer, blogger and investor Charles Hugh Smith.

“Now that the economy is totally dependent on ever-expanding credit, there is no alternative to expanding credit, no matter how destructive this expansion of bad credit will be in the near future,” says Hugh Smith.

So why are central banks panicking and printing when we know the global economy has rolled over and no amount of money printing … or interest rate cuts is going to stop what’s coming?

We’ve been told we have reached the end of the line for our fiat money, fractional reserve, ponzi scheme central bank driven financial system, so what can we do about it?  How can we possibly change a system we don’t even understand?  How do we realistically analyze what the problems are with all the secrecy and disinformation we are being fed nonstop by government and financial mass media regarding precious financial truth?


Transparency in economics disappeared around the time of Bretton Woods.  But there are those like the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) who continue to bludgeon the door of financial secrecy attempting to bring back to light what has slipped into financial darkness.  According to GATA Secretary and Treasurer Chris Powell this nonprofit organization’s purpose in life is to bring transparency to all global markets.

“I hope that we can expose the market rigging and we can try to return to a world where markets are free and transparent and government is limited and accountable,” Chris Powell tells

From a central banking perspective that’s what could go wrong.  The markets could stop being deceived and manipulated.  The manipulation, rigging of markets only works through deception.  The media has us looking left while those who secretly control the markets steer us to the right, and steal our wealth in the process, while creating inflation for everything we need for our families, and we have no idea what hit us. 

If markets figured out they were being deceived, people wouldn’t play in them anymore.  They would find some other way to undertake their trades.

So what could go wrong for central banks? 

Chris Powell tells Greg Hunter at that’s it’s already happening:  “Well, I think eventually there will be too much debt,” Powell says  “There already is too much debt.  Interest on the debt will begin consuming the real economy, which I think is already happening.  And in a fiat money system there have to be regular debt devaluations at regular intervals so that interest does not devour the real economy.  That has happened from time to time.  I think every thirty years or so we have a substantial currency revaluation.”  And currencies have devalued.

As Charles Hugh Smith alluded to above, debt is going to have to be devalued away, otherwise interest on debt goes exponential and it devours the world.  The question then becomes, Can we allow that to happen? 

What will central banks be doing in the long term?  Could this be why central banks across the world seem to be in a precious metals buying frenzy? 

“I know some very smart people who think that central banks will get together on a weekend in Basel someday.  And before the Asian markets open on a Sunday night will announce new currency revaluations.  And they’ll announce revaluations of gold and the countries that have huge U.S. dollar surpluses will hedge themselves with gold.  And what they lose in a devaluation of the currencies, they will recover through the upward revaluation of gold.”

Maybe at that point we’ll begin a new fifty year cycle of gold suppression.  And return to the world of true capitalism.


Will we go to sleep one Friday night and wake up Monday to a completely new financial reality?

Some people consider that to be the most likely outcome.  Chris Powell tells Greg Hunter about a paper written about eight years ago by U.S. economist and fund managers Paul Bradsky and Lee Quaintance, in which they hypothesized central banks were really redistributing world gold reserves. 

“Holding the price down in the futures market while they redistributed real metal among themselves.  Particularly to redirect gold to countries that had huge U.S. dollar reserves that they needed to hedge,” Powell tells

Bradsky and Quaintance thought that at some point gold would be revalued to devalue the dollar and reliquify the central banks that were over-weighted with dollars.  Will this happen in your lifetime or mine? 

The central banks have done this before and if they’re going to survive they’re going to have to do it again.  Of course everyone knows this is going to happen.  The $1 quadrillion dollar question is, When?

“I just don’t know when it’s going to happen,” says Chris Powell.  “I’m very tired of financial analysts who say that ‘anything’ is only a matter of time because ‘everything’ is only a matter of time.  Including the earth getting hit by an asteroid.  Or even more unlikely a Democrat again soon holding the White House.”  Some say they’re both capable of wiping out life as we know it. 

“The only thing that matters is the timing of things,” Powell says.  And the question is, When does the financial house of cards come tumbling down? 


The last several years have witnessed a tremendous gain of interest of governments in the world precious metals.  It’s not just Russia and China either.  It’s India, Italy, Venezuela and many other nations.  This is a huge shift in central bank philosophy going back on 4 or 5 years ago.  Do the central banks know something we don’t?

“Presumably, central banks that are buying gold know something – or think they know something.  I think they are expecting a currency revaluation, and they are preparing for it,” says Chris Powell.

And they may be preparing for new arrangements in the global financial system that will more uniformly reincorporate gold into the monetary system.  It could be argued that this is one thing Basel III accomplished.  In practice it invites central banks to do exactly what Chris Powell describes which is they are acquiring more gold in anticipation of reincorporating precious metals back into the world financial system.  At least until they’ve been dissolved.

So does that mean the People’s Bank of China or the Russian Central Bank and the world’s other central banks that are accruing gold at unprecedented levels know something that they’re not telling you or I?

“Well, they may,” Chris Powell believes.  “At least they attend those meetings at the BIS.  I’m not invited.”


Chris Powell tells that this issue is much bigger than gold and silver, which are just minerals or atomic elements.  The issue for GATA is free and transparent markets and limited and accountable government.  It’s in eliminating secrecy in controlling the global financial markets.  You can’t have those things unless you also freely trade in monetary metals markets  “Really freely trading currency markets as well,” Powell says.

GATA is a non profit education civil rights organization pursuing a justice oriented agenda here.  They’re working for us, the People, and they speak of a change in the rule of law.  The only thing that will finally bring justice to those who corruptly manipulate the global financial system.  In this case, they specifically seek transparency in government. 

“We want governments to tell us what they’re doing in the markets,” contends Chris Powell.  “We want them to be open and accountable.  And that requires free and transparent metals markets.”

At some point, manipulations do fail.  Manipulations only work through deception.  That’s what GATA is trying to change.

Powell contends that global financial powers are trying to suppress inflation through the manipulation of all futures and commodities, but it’s not working.  Inflation is happening to everything we need to buy or pay for to take care of our families – all the way across the financial spectrum. 

For those of us with families, being able to afford the necessities to care for our children is getting tougher by the day as the value of our currency erodes.  And it promises to continue to get more difficult.  Printing money endlessly, which creates debt, will erode our dollar to the point no one will accept it.

That’s why we need to find solution fast.  And we’re not going to find solution until we understand what the problem is.  Which means we have to further lift the curtain of secrecy we are enshrouded in, and then learn to work together to bring solution to the financial devastation we’re experiencing, while being lied to about it.