Chemtrails, 5G cell towers, electromagnetic frequencies, smart meters, microwave radiation, genetically modified foods, glyphosphate, toxic metals; all poisons designed to destroy body and mind of all life, over time.  They inundate every one of us every single day or our lives, breaking down human cells and rendering our immune systems helpless. 

The fake news through our media has clouded minds with fake health information rendering us programmed to a false understanding of how to stay healthy, and what the heck is actually killing us.  The devastating economy and price inflation of everything we need to stay healthy and alive prevents us from being able to afford enough nutrition to heal.

Disease sets in, and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re ill.  We deny underlying health issues while just writing them off as natural symptoms.  Everyone has them, we are told.  We see it around us, at the store, in the restaurants.  We cough and scratch and our eyes water, and we have problems with skin, congestion, and chronic infections.  We search the internet and find no solutions but we know something is really wrong here – and out there.  One manifestation of physical breakdown in our body and soul follows another.  We’re totally physically out of balance with off kilter mind.

Our bodies, through our immune systems, work so hard to fight off the toxic overload that we find ourselves exhausted with fatigue.  We have no energy day or night, sometimes finding temporary relief from liquid in a can. 


We’re baby boomers after all.  Disease has set in for most of us in one manifestation or another and the time in our days seems shorter.  And we learn there really is nowhere to go for help when we truly need it most.  That’s when we get old. 

We bounce from one to another practitioner of Western medicine who peddles in mind-blowing pharmaceuticals, useless surgeries, and expensive medical devices.  They’re specialists at misinforming us that what they sell will cure the ravages of our disease, but we’re still not getting any better.  And their pharmaceuticals continue getting more expensive and dangerous.

And then the day comes where we just can’t take care of ourselves any longer.  We now need help to dress or hold a fork.  And if we were once fortunate enough to have family or friends around to help, they probably can no longer afford to take the time to help us.  They can’t afford to hire appropriate help to care for them or us, and all the medications our doctors so generously prescribed have now become too expensive to afford.  And then there’s the quality care issues of God who knows where our drugs originated from.  Did someone say China?

Our families wring their hands with helplessness and if we don’t have lots of money saved in solid assets – set aside for many years over a long period of time, for this very issue of home and health care when we’ve aged – and we live in California, then we’re going to end up in a California nursing home.  And we might as well place our heads firmly between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye, because that’s where all our dignity in life and health of body, mind, and soul will go.


I’ve seen it up close and it can really get ugly.  It smells of collusion when you watch how detached and uncaring the system can be.  The reality is California’s nursing care system that dramatically affects the elderly is a living hell on earth.  It’s a system capable of facilitating giant corporate profits due in great part to an ignorant bordering on negligent attitude by California governmental oversight.

If you or a loved one are living in California and aging with health issues you better start doing your research now.  California’s got some major health care problems that are going to directly affect baby boomers, including your family, until we do something to change the system. 

The system’s in such need of an overhaul that even California’s government has stepped to the plate to expose the issues regarding California government’s healthcare failures.  One important step took place on May 1, 2018, when, at the request of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, the California State Auditor presented an audit report concerning the quality of care, financial practices, and statewide oversight of California’s skilled nursing facilities.

The auditor’s report concluded that California has not adequately addressed the many problems that plague the state healthcare system as they directly relate to the quality of care that nursing facilities provide.

This was an attempt by the California state auditor to bring some transparency to a very important and overlooked area – nursing care for the elderly.  This is how many of the elderly spend the rest of the days of their lives.  This is from where I have witnessed the neglect of patients due to understaffing and underpaid staff.  It’s an attitude of heavy drugging, keeping elderly clients as quiet and still as possible, until they die, and then refilling the emptied out bed space with another paying customer as soon as possible.


The report cited that the number of deficiencies related to substandard care in the State of California has increased by 31 percent from 2006 through 2015.  California has assigned oversight responsibilities for nursing facilities to three state agencies.  They are the California Departments of Public Health (Public Health), the Department of Health Care Services (Health Care Services), and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

The audit was not kind to Public Health in particular about the way they’ve handled their responsibilities toward the elderly.  State Auditor Elaine M. Howle, CPA, wrote in a scathing letter addressed to the governor of California, dated May 1, 2018:  “We found Public Health in particular has not fulfilled many of its oversight responsibilities, which are meant to ensure nursing facilities meet quality of care standards.”

Additionally, the audit found all three agencies created further deficiencies in nursing care and have poorly coordinated their oversight efforts.

Patients were also hurt through nursing home noncompliance.  It literally creates too many life or death situations for many patients who are too ill to care for themselves.  The audit found a disturbing “35 percent increase in deficiencies were associated with nursing facility noncompliance that causes or were likely to cause serious injury, harm, impairment, or death to residents from 2006 to 2015.”

The audit also discovered that California’s licensing decisions were inconsistent due to its poorly defined review processes and its failure to document adequately its rationale for approving or denying license applications.  This makes abuse of the system between colluding entities or relationships easier to hide by those in positions of decision making.

Inspections are a critical part of oversight of nursing homes to make sure the businesses of care are following through with following state guidelines for nursing care for patients.  California badly fails in this area as well.  California has not performed all of the state inspections of nursing facilities that the State is required to perform and has not issued citations in a timely manner, the report states. 

That will not provide motivation for nursing homes to actually comply with state standards for nursing care facilities.  It pays for corporations to cut expenses and take a chance at not getting caught by lax governmental nursing home law enforcement.


The audit found the state has made strides in improving financial care through a financial incentive program, however the program has not been effective due to budget constraints.  To increase the impact financial incentives can have on quality of care, the audit suggests the State should “repurpose over $330 million in quality assurance funds” that it annually assesses on nursing facilities “to increase the amount available for such incentives.”  As it stands, Health Care Services currently returns this money to nursing facilities without condition.


The State audit confirms that nursing home care in California can be big business.  State auditors examined the sizes of three particular companies that have increased dramatically over the past decade – Brius, Plum, and Longwood – the largest private operators of nursing facilities companies in the State.

The report notes the sizes and net incomes of Brius, Plum, and Longwood have increased significantly over the past decade – even as the net income for the rest of the industry in the State was in decline.  That’s what monopoly money power can do to you when you get old.


Another way companies profit through nursing home businesses in California is through interrelated services and goods businesses.  California auditors discovered that related-party transactions are common in the industry and are legally allowable. 

State auditors were attempting to keep track of who’s profiting from paying for what services to which related corporations, and to make sure the State wasn’t paying those profits.  The report notes:  “Though the companies paid between $37.2 million and $65.7 million to related parties from 2007 through 2015, most transactions were properly disclosed and Health Care Services ensured Medi-Cal did not pay for profits the companies realized from any of the transactions we reviewed.”

The report did not note who was responsible for those three corporations making the huge profits they made.  Where I come from it’s called cutting costs at all costs while keeping patients cheaply drugged and poorly fed.