Americans are being mocked again for wearing our ignorance on our shirt collars for the world to witness.  In this case it’s our plight with healthcare coverage and we’re being called out in an article entitled, Single-Payer Healthcare Is the Worst Kind of Universal Healthcare, where Ryan McMaken writes that Americans are confused about healthcare because we listen to English speakers explaining the benefits of Single-Payer healthcare, who happen to speak English from the United Kingdom and Canada, both countries that employ single-payer healthcare systems.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, the usage of “single-payer health care” has become more or less interchangeable with the term “universal healthcare”, says McMaken, the senior editor at the Mises Institute.

“This stems partially from the fact that ‘single-payer’ is the term most often used to refer to foreign systems of universal healthcare, and also because most Americans know virtually nothing about how foreign healthcare systems work,” McMaken says.

And he’s right.  We need to wake up or our health care system might just kill us off. 

The single-payer healthcare system that is being fought for in this country by leftist interests is being adopted from socialist medicine practices in other countries.  That’s why we have to wake up to the English speaking voices that are misdirecting us with lopsided information on what the best kind of system might be for our health. 

Those who practice socialized medicine want us to believe “single-payer” health is to our advantage.  They don’t tell us that this creates a potential slippery-slope toward a single healthcare system that makes all life or death decisions regarding our health, without any competition or alternative choice or voice.


So what exactly is single-payer healthcare?  “As the name implies, a single-payer system is one in which there is only one source of payments or funding for healthcare transactions,” McMaken says on  “This source, of course, is the government.”

Socialist medicine comes in many different shapes and sizes.  In other countries it is not uncommon to find “multi-payer” and “multi-tier” healthcare systems that are nonetheless designed to provide universal coverage, McMaken says.

This means in a single-payer system healthcare services are paid for only through government funding.  That’s it, folks.  This can be done through a variety of mechanisms, but in essence life and death control over us is owned by our government.  What if our social score is low and our government arbitrarily denies us that surgery we so desperately require to stay alive?  That “expensive” surgery that our father or our daughter so desperately needs, that our universal healthcare should cover, but where some faceless voice on the other end says, “No, sorry, no life-saving surgery for your mother, she’s too old.”


Sentinels of the left want to bring socialized medicine into the United States.  That’s being done by some Members of Congress – Bernie Sanders, everyone! – who have proposed establishing a single-payer health care system for the U.S.

The American Medical Association (AMA) is confused on the issue, having recently voted against an amendment that would have dropped their long opposition to single-payer healthcare.

Representatives from the nation’s largest association of doctors and medical students in the United States voted 53-47% against stopping their criticism of Medicare for all, according to a report from The Hill. 

This is how lobbyists play on the health care issue in the United States.  The Hill says, “The AMA is part of a coalition of insurers, drug companies and hospital groups aggressively lobbying against Medicare for all proposals in Congress.  But Tuesday’s vote shows that AMA’s members are not united on the group’s opposition to single-payer.”

Some members of the AMA want socialized medicine for you and me now.


Pro “Medicare for All” protesters who support single-payer healthcare recently gathered outside the Blue Cross / Blue Shield headquarters in Chicago, where the group was holding their annual meeting.

In and interview AMA President Dr. Barbara McAneny told the Chicago Tribune, “The AMA is absolutely in favor of having every American have health care that needs to be of good quality and affordable. We just aren’t certain that Medicare for All is the right vehicle.”

The problem is good medicine does not come cheaply.  The best doctors and the brightest medical minds cost a lot of money.  They can only deal with one patient at a time.  The place you don’t want to cut costs is in medical care.  Once you know what’s wrong with you, you’ve got to fix the problem, and it may be expensive to do so.

The AMA currently supports the Affordable Care Act.  Delegates ended up voting overwhelmingly in favor of adopting a report from the AMA’s Council on Medical Service that reaffirmed efforts to improve upon the Affordable Care Act instead of “nationalized” healthcare coverage, says

But what about choice.  Is there any such thing anymore as competition for healthcare coverage?  Or does the government get to take care of it all for us?

“The association believes choice in health care is a better way to go than Medicare for all,” McAneny says.  If she’s sincere, this is a voice in the right direction.  But actions toward affordable health care with free choice of multiple coverage options will be the key.

The President of the AMA publicly says she worries about what might happen to a government-run health care system during government shutdowns and about whether it would pay enough to sustain medical care. “Now, government health insurance programs Medicare and Medicaid tend to reimburse doctors less than private insurers,” the Chicago Tribune reported McAneny saying.

What us Americans must worry about is who is going to actually look out after us?  We need to understand what single-payer healthcare is really about – think Communism – and decide whether competition for healthcare coverage might actually be in our best interests.

That could be our personal life or death decision.  Better to keep it in our hands than hand it over to government and the insurance industry to decide for us.

Because then our mothers will end up like the 83-year-old pensioner in the UK, who fell outside her home and broke her arm in two places.  Paramedics rushed her to Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital, where she waited four hours before finally being told by doctors that they would not see her because she was too old.  She was older than 65.

“Socialized medicine is the cornerstone of communism,” former Soviet Union dictator Josef Stalin once said.  If you control a person’s health you control the person.

Which is what a UK Court did by ordering a pregnant mentally disabled woman to abort her child.  Socialized medicine decides who lives and who dies, who wins (the State) and who loses (us).  Which is why countries in Scandinavia are running away from socialized health care as fast as they can.  Will we learn to do the same here in America?  Before it’s too late.