God Bless America on this 4th of July.  We could sure use it.

The fireworks and celebration of a great nation on her 243rd birthday are something each one of us can relish in and reflect upon.  We can relish with deep understanding that this nation can truly be great once again.  And we can reflect upon the fact that we have a long ways to go to achieve that elusive greatness, something that probably won’t happen in yours or my lifetimes.

Americans are beleaguered, demoralized, and wrongfully maligned by much of the rest of the world.  But a lot of us know who we are inside and what we are capable of achieving, and we are working toward effectuating positive change socially.  Of course, many of us could use to listen a little deeper to the true grit of Spiritual guidance, maybe put the Satanic comic books away for awhile, and allow hearts to circle the right energies.  That would be a good place to start.  God can be found in the heart.

We in the Land of the Free are judged by others, who I will call foreigners, who are not of the blood or spirit of an American, without others really taking the time or having the wherewithal to understand who and what we are.

Much of the rest of the world views us in the same negative light as they do superhero movie villains.  Outlanders are  programmed to read us that way by the blinded eye of mass media and social media, Hollywood propaganda films featuring liberal-bred and highly paid movie stars, and internet posts that portray B-movie American values that even have the millennials confused as to who or what they are. 

Foreigners are provided a certain induced stereotype of information that is created by Silicon Valley giants and TV programmers who are provided a script by their own handlers to create scripts to box in our minds, which creates division and this tremendous misunderstanding between us.  A boxed in mind of misunderstanding can be a very deadly game.

The same goes for us identifying those who eye us from abroad.  Foreigners are not really like the bad guys in the Jason Bourne novels we all read.  That’s not what people of color from different nations do in real life.  Those movies and fantasy stories portray a caricature of real life individuals.  Make believe imagery of an image that we too can look down upon.  That creates strife.  If we want to wake up to a cold stark new reality of what life is really like on the other side we might want to try walking in their foreign shoes, if they have any.  It could be a very unpleasant and rocky path. 


The question for us Americans this 4th of July is will we wake up to some semblance of reality in the world that surrounds us in time to be able to do something about saving ourselves from this unpleasant image we portray abroad?

People from other countries know a lot more about the way the world works than we do, and how this rogue aspect that has run our country for decades destroys every part of the world it touches.  A lot of those people from foreign lands were forced to wake up to the true realities of U.S. global imperialism personally, and so they loathe us for turning our backs on them and allowing it to happen.  They say we bathe in ignorance toward our past.  They want to see us lose badly because for decades we have been blinded by the propaganda of what the media feeds us, without realizing how much harm the corporations that dominate us do to the rest of the world in our names.

This is why there are certain powerful factions and foreign countries that are working mightily to bring great harm to us.  I have been told by more than one very intelligent foreigner that there are financial powers overseas greater than America who want to destroy everything we have and represent. 

They are working to destroy our economy and drain our country of world status, while seeking revenge against us for ignorance of what the ruling elite have really done to the rest of the world, while leaving our false signature at all the scenes of the crimes, while Americans for decades prospered through bliss and ignorance of this middle-class stated truth.  They want to bring us collectively to our knees.

This 4th of July once again provides a wonderful opportunity for Americans to awaken to the reality of what’s taking place in the world that surrounds us.  Before it’s too late.

We are being divided and conquered by a controlled mass media lined up with Democrats who want open borders to bring in illegal aliens from all over the world to vote for the Dems to put more Democrats in office and keep socialism alive in America.

What are we going to do about it?


While we’re at it this 4th of July we might want to become aware of just how close we are to nuclear annihilation. 

According to U.S. Air Force Chief Goldfein we’ve got a Russian nuclear attack counterplan that has reared its ugly head and is about ready to vaporize us, as a result of massive military operation called Dynamic Mongoose that is being conducted by NATO with anti-submarine forces off the coast of Russia. 

This provocative measure has apparently somehow resulted in fourteen dead Russian sailors, thanks to what some are calling a directed energy weapons attack on the highly secretive Russian submarine, a weapon similar in nature to the one these sources say brought down a stealth F-35 fighter that flew out of Japan.  They say NATO possesses such military weapons.

And at home, we might want to realize that our freedom is more at stake than ever, as we’ve got kowtowing to negative influences by major global influencers like Nike, being influenced by even greater global influencers like the Communist Technocrats who run China. 


The story says that the Nike shoe company has pulled an American flag-themed shoe from circulation after former NFL quarterback and socialist Colin Kaepernick expressed concern to the company about selling apparel he says features a “slave-era emblem”.

Yahoo Sports reports that the Nike movement to pull the shoe from stores began nearly two weeks ago after Kaepernick and others raised concern that the “Betsy Ross Flag” printed on the heel of the company’s 4th of July-themed Air Max 1 was not only racially insensitive, but had also been adopted by some groups “allegedly as a symbol of white nationalism.”

Ah yes, foiled again by that old fat white nationalistic symbolism.  I say, so what?!  It is American history we’re talking about.  The “Betsy Ross Flag” features 13 stars in a circle representing the United States’ original 13 colonies.  Does anybody remember the original 13 colonies?  Oh, that’s right, they don’t teach real history from fake history books in schools anymore.  They don’t even use books.

And that’s right again, we are talking about a multinational conglomerate that takes it’s marching orders from the Communist government of China.  As reported by the Financial Times, Nike is the same company that canceled the China sale of a range of sports shoes by Undercover, the brand of Japanese designer Jun Takahashi, because earlier this month, Undercover posted on its Instagram account a photo of protesters with the slogan “no extradition to China.”

The shoe company halted the sale of a range of sports shoes in China after the shoeline’s Japanese designer showed support for Hong Kong protests in an Instagram post, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.  So when all this added up to Chinese Communist Technocrats influencing the release of Betsy Ross history in a shoe, there was some serious backlash.  American style.  And …